Staple binding is a quick, easy, and robust method of holding smaller photo books together. This method gives books a lighter weight and is especially popular for magazine-like photo books. An example of a great use-case would be a business presentation: You want to show your idea to as many people as possible, so for one you will need the finished product to weigh as little as possible and secondly, you will be looking for an economical solution, right? Or maybe you are looking to create a keepsake for you wedding guests to thank them for taking part in that special moment of your life? Stable bound photo books are the ideal solution, because they are easier to mail than hard cover, perfect bound books and still give off a wonderfully professional look and feel. But don’t take our word for it – have a look at the customer reviews to find more ideas of where stable bound books are the perfect fit. And while you’re browsing you will find out that here on Photo Book Deals UK, we have the very best deals for photo books, so you can be sure not to spend a penny too much on your next project.