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How long do Google photo books take?

We’ve looked at Google photo books from many different angles in our articles, but one question comes up again and again: How long do Google photo books take? With delivery times being a key service factor for any business nowadays, we felt like we couldn’t leave the question unanswered. The short answer is: If you choose economy and want your photo book delivered to the UK, it will take 7-10 days. If you choose Express, it may take between 4 and 7 days to arrive. But let’s look at the details:

  1. Why delivery times are important

Delivery courier in the night

No one likes to wait for things. With services becoming more and more convenient, we’ve grown accustomed to not having to wait very long at all. Amazon has set an incredible standard that is very hard to meet. This is particularly the case for photo books. After all, you have to consider the printing and preparation time that goes into making a photo book ready for shipping. While a charging cable just needs to be moved from its warehouse spot into a box, a photo book has a longer way to travel. You will have a hard time finding a photo book service that delivers the next day or even within two days. As they say, patience is a virtue. Still, if you’re pressed for time, almost all photo book services offer express delivery options – for a price, of course.

  1. How long do Google photo books take?

Creating your own photo book with Google is, of course, incredibly simple. The tech giant is known for its special way of making things easy for us, after all.  If you’re already using Google Photos, you’re practically good to go and you’ll know how to find just what you’re looking for. Of course, you can also upload your photos directly to the photo book service. As Google keeps things simple, there aren’t many things you need to (or can) edit. You can stylise photos in Google Photos beforehand, but other than that you’re limited to adding text and choosing the number of photos per page mainly.

Editing pages with text on Google photo books

Once you hit the order button, the wheels start turning and the printers start… well, printing. If you chose express delivery, you’ll hold your little masterpiece in your hands within 7 working days or as early as 4 working days. The regular shipping option (Economy) takes three days longer, so 7-10 days overall. All things considered, this is quite well within the UK standard for photo book deliveries.

  1. Why choose Google photo books?

The first and foremost reason is probably the simplicity associated with the process. There is little hassle and the service is quick and convenient to use. Especially Google Photos users will appreciate being able to find the pictures they want to use quickly, for instance by searching for locations (holiday in Thailand) or a theme (animals). Google Photos is able to find this information in your photos (through meta data and picture scans) and thus helps you get things done quickly. You can create a photo book with Google within less than two hours without compromising on quality.

Suggested photo books in Google photo book

The second reason is a little more bizarre: You only have a choice between two types of photo books with Google. There is an 18x18cm and a 23x23cm version. While choice may seem like a luxury, it is pretty much everywhere today. Have a look at the range of photo book deals we have on offer to see for yourselves. It can be hard to make a decision. Sometimes, a lack of choice can be a nice thing indeed. The square formats are quite popular and easy to handle as well.


How long do Google photo books take is a simple question with two possible answers: If you choose Standard delivery, it takes between 7 and 10 days, if you choose Express delivery, it takes between 4 and 7 days. It’s definitely a service worth trying, especially if you’re a Google Photos user. We hope this article proved helpful and wish you the best of luck and success with your photo book projects!

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