How do I self publish a photography book?

A guide to your very own work of art

So you’re a photographer and have a lot of fantastic pictures waiting to be seen by the world? Well, first of all: Congratulations! Most of the work is done and you can be proud of your accomplishment. It’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to present your photography in the best possible way. Digitally, they just have no chance to convey the depth and precision and detail they have to offer. That’s why many photographers – amateurs as well as professionals – ask themselves at some point: “How do I self publish a photography book?” This guide will help you answer your question and help you tell your story through those unique and beautiful photos you have taken.

Step 1: Choose your photos

First things should come first. Collect all your photos and organise them. This will save you having to go back and forth later on. Gather everything you want to include in your book in a folder. As a photographer, you’ll have plenty of duplicates and shots you won’t want to use. This is the best time to pick the cream of the crop and get them ready for publishing.

An old school camera with black and white photos on a wooden table

Step 2: Choose a service and a photo book

Your choice of photo book service will party be dependent on the price and of course the options available. A true photography book is typically an A4 or A3 Hardcover book. Of course, almost all services offer these products. That means you still have a choice to make. At this point, you can have a look at our hard cover photo book deals to find the perfect service and price for your self-published photography book. Of course, there are more decisions to be made and they all depend on your preferences. For instance: Paper thickness is important for the look and feel of the book and you can pretty much always choose between a matt or glossy finish.

Step 3: Get creative

It’s never just a matter of dragging your photos onto the pages and hitting the “order” button. Make sure to put just as much love and care into your photo book as you did your photography. Many services offer themes and designs to help you get started and get inspiration. Be sure to use this and find the perfect look for your photography. Of course, the style is largely dependent on the type of photography you’ve made. All we can do is give you pointers; At the end of the day it’s your book and your rules. Some popular pointers are: Expressive, Black-and-White photos come across perfectly on clean pages without any extra flurry such as backgrounds and colours. Travel photos can easily be accessorised with backgrounds that fit the topic and collage layouts. The key is to be meticulous with each and every page.

Step 4: Text & Title

Add texts such as titles, locations, motivation, or even poetry to your pages to give them the finishing touch. Read, re-read, and re-re-read your book to be sure everything is as you want it to be. Some services let you share a digital copy of your book before ordering so you can get someone else to proof-read as well. After all, you want it tobe perfect, right? Don’t forget to design the cover with your name and a good title that describes your photography.

Open photo book in black and white with text on the left and a picture on the right

Step 5: Order and enjoy

Once you are convinced of the design you put together, it’s time to push that button. Having decided to create a photography book, you probably had a purpose in mind. A popular choice is to use a photo book as a coffee table book or as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. Perhaps you’re even looking to sell your photo book. In this case, the easiest way to go forward is to print on demand. Find your market and your channel and promote your work. Be sure to define a price that covers your cost and gives you a little extra. Place your orders as they come in and you have little risk.


How do I self publish a photography book? We hope to have helped you answer this question. At the end of the day, it’s not an easy thing to do in a matter of minutes. It takes work and care. But it is definitely worth it. Holding your very own work of art in your hands is perfect proof for your photographic accomplishments. You can be proud of it and share it with friends, family, and others who appreciate your art.

Is Snapfish still in business?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to photo books. Why change from something that works?

Snapfish products are reasonably priced with great offers, this is the reason Snapfish is so popular and will be for years to come in UK.

While some test around to find just the right photo book for their needs, others always turn to the same supplier.

For many, that has been Snapfish for years. Their easy to use software, affordable prices and wide variety makes them a popular choice.

Also their offer beside photo books draws many people to them. Over the last few years, there has been turbulence at Snapfish, though, which has caused many customers to wonder:

Is Snapfish still in business?

The short answer, to make it easy, is yes.

Snapfish is still in business and you can go about creating your photo products just as before. Let’s have a look at why the question came up in the first place.

Snapfish history of sales

The business world is a chaotic place. Seemingly from one day to the next, a company appears, disappears, changes their name, is sold and bought.

For Snapfish, this started in 2001, when they were bought by District Photo. Since 1949, Distric Photo’s business has been photos.

One would assume that this would be a match made in heaven. But, as it is, this wasn’t the end of the road for Snapfish.

Already four years later, in 2005, District Photo sold Snapfish to the photo and printing giant Hewelett-Packard.

Oddly enough, in 2015, District Photo bought Snapfish back from Hewelett-Packard. In this sale, Snapfish retained the right to use HP printing services.

Snapfish has been bought and sold quite a few times over the years

So far, it seems like a history of tossing a hot potato. In each of the sales, money was made and lost.

An attempt at opening a Snapfish store did not work out as planned and somewhere in 2013, international services to Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and India were terminated.

Reading this history, one could easily come to the conclusion that Snapfish may not be in business anymore.

The truth is, though, that over time the value of Snapfish actually increased (if measured in the sum the company was worth to its buyers).

Snapfish Buy – Sell

But as it was, Snapfish wasn’t just being tossed about: In 2018, they bought CafePress, a company offering customisation services for mugs, t-shirts, clocks, and the like.

In an unfortunate turn of events, CafePress’s data was breached in 2019.

Perhaps because of this, both Snapfish and CafePress are to be acquired by the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in something like a buying spree.

Beside CafePress and Snapfish, they will also buy Shutterfly and its subsidiaries LifeTouch, Tinyprints, and BorrowLenses.

The plan is to merge the companies together. How exactly this will work out and what changes we can expect is not known as of today.

But in the foreseeable future, the answer to the question “Is Snapfish still in business?” shall remain yes.

How exactly the merge will be done and what changes will be involved remains to be seen.

Apollo buys Shutterfly and Snapfish


Snapfish has seen a lot of change but throughout it, the services have been available and customers have been none the wiser.

After all, when you order a photo book from your favourite supplier, it doesn’t really matter who currently owns the company as long as the service remains as good as it was.

The important thing, at the end of the day, is that you will still be able to get your favorite photo books and photo products from Snapfish.

Whether or not there will be a name change is not clear, but at the end of the day… What’s in a name, anyway?

That which we call a photo book by any other name would still look as good, right?

You can find more information on Snapfish, its delivery and services in our other articles.

If you think that Snapfish is the photo book service made for your needs, check the latest snapfish offers beside other photobook brands.

How do I order pictures from Amazon Prime?

A step-by-step guide to Amazon Prints

Amazon. The place for pretty much anything you need, delivered in previously unheard of speed. In today’s world, convenience is power, and Amazon has certainly mastered the art of convenience. Among the myriad of services the online giant has to offer, Amazon Prints is a relatively new service. Beside prints of your favourite photos, you can order photo books, calendars, and photo gifts. This could make Amazon quite the competitor to a lot of photo services companies.
On PhotoBook Deals, we get a lot of questions from users and photo book enthusiasts. One of these questions we will deal with right here: “How do I order pictures from Amazon Prime?” But before we dive into answering this question, there’s one tiny detail we should mention. As of December 2019, Amazon Prints are not yet available outside the United States. It is not clear whether or when Amazon plans to extend the service to other countries like the UK. Most likely, the US is the pilot for this service and if it is successful, the rest of the world will get to know it pretty soon as well. So let’s get into the question: How do I order pictures from Amazon Prime?

1. Gather

As we’ve evolved from hunters and gatherers, this part shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, things aren’t as simple as they were once upon a time. If you take a moment to consider, you’ll probably find that your photos are everywhere and nowhere: On your phone, on social media, and cloud storage spaces. It’s best to have all photos you want to print in one place before you get started. Once everything is in place, it’s off to step 2.

2. Sing in & select

Go and log into your Amazon account. Once you’re logged in, just navigate to There, you can select the photo you’d like to order as prints from wherever you saved them to. You’re best served using a computer to do this as this will give you the best experience and makes the whole process as easy as possible.

3. Editing

Photo editing on a laptop

Ah, yes, what would we do with our pictures if we couldn’t do some basic editing? Although your photos probably don’t need it, Amazon offers some features that let you make some adjustments as needed. These options include zooming, cropping, and rotating. Of course you can also choose between glossy or matte paper finish for your order.
In terms of size, Amazon offers 4×6 5×7 8×10 prints. You can change to a larger size later on, but make sure to pay attention to the dotted lines: Your photo or the section you want to print needs to fall within these lines as anything outside of them will not be included in the prints.

4. Ordering

You can add to the total quantity of your order before you place your order, of course. Ordering is more or less the same as it is with anything else you can get on Amazon. With prints, you have to remember that other than regular products, there is a production time involved. That means that delivery might be a little delayed and not as quick as you are used to.

Amazon Danbo figures holding hands standing in a shopping cart

5. Quality

The photo and printing quality is quite good as they’re using Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. Perhaps it isn’t the best quality service out there, but it surely is a nice addition to the Amazon product family. We can only hope that Amazon will expand this service to the UK and other countries.

We hope to have helped you answer the question “How do I prder pictured from Amazon Prime”. As it is currently not an option for anyone outside the US, perhaps you’d like to have a look around for some great deals for photo books right here on PhotoBook Deals to find the right service for you?

Are Google photo books good?

A guide to Google’s photo book service

Google has been the talk of the town for ages now. But regardless what the public opinion on data collecting, one can’t deny that Google offers spectacularly good services; many of which are barely even known to most people. While almost everyone knows Google Photos, there is another service that offers a seamless integration of Google Photos and real life: Google photo books lets you use the exceptional service of Google photos to create a photo book quickly and easily. Here, we’d like to take a look at the service and help you answer the frequently asked question: “Are Google photo books good?”

1. Getting started

If you’re a Google photos user, you know why. If you aren’t yet, imagine this: Have you ever searched for a photo on your computer or in some online storage space and ended up frustrated due to the sheer unorganised quantity of photos you never had the time to sort and filter? Google photos makes it possible to search using keywords such as “Food” or “London”. Using the data available thanks to metadata and picture analysis, Google is able to help you find what you’re looking for in a flash. We don’t have to tell you what a lifesaver that can be, do we?

Search in Google photo books for a personal trait

Search in Google photo books for a location

When you make the decision to create a photo book, you probably have a theme or occasion in mind. Google photo books accesses the photos you backed up and thus makes it easy to get started with the photos you want to use.

2. Start designing

Now, we’ve talked at length about the various photo book services and their pros and cons, for example in our article “Who is best for photo books”. While all those services specialise in photo book production, Google just takes the matter in its stride. The most important aspect of the process is the ease of use. Google knows how to make things so simple that it’s hard to fail at creating an appealing canvas for your memories. All you need to do is select your photos, choose the order and pick the position and placement, for example in the form of a collage. Actually, you don’t necessarily have to do that. Google actually puts together suggestions for photo books for you such as last year’s highlights or your best travel photos.

Suggested photo books in Google photo book

Now, there is one thing Google photo books doesn’t do: While many photo books suppliers let you apply basic editing such as filters, while you’re designing your photo book with Google, you can’t edit your photos. However, that’s what Google Photos is for. Before you start putting together your photo book, you can apply various filters and make adjustments to your photos there. Of course, you can also take a short detour while you’re making the book to apply those changes.

3. Order and enjoy

Google photo books is a supplementary service. Instead of a wide range of different formats, sizes, and add-ons, you can choose between a softcover 18x18cm and a hardcover 22x22cm photo book. Both versions start at 20 pages and additional pages will increase the price (but that is the case with any and all photo book services). In terms of quality, customers are very happy with the result. The look and feel is quite good and in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? The prices are also fair and simply put. No hidden fees, no additional charges at the very end – fair play.

Person viewing and selecting photos on a computer


Are Google photo books good? In terms of quality? Yes. In terms of ease of creating them? Oh dear lord, yes. In terms of a wide variety of choice? Well, you can’t have it all, can you? Google really pulls out all the stops to help you make the most of your photos. It is definitely worth giving them a try. The photo books are ideal for treating yourself to a new coffee table book, giving a friend or family member a little token of appreciation, or creating something really personal for your partner, for example for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve already been inspired, get started with your Google photo book right here!

What size photo book is best?

A guide to finding the right photo book size for you

What size photo book is best? What a question! Many people struggle to choose between the seemingly countless different options, unsure which size is best. The thing is, in order to answer the question, one must ask another one: What kind of photo book are you planning to make? Depending on your plans, a one size fits all approach may not work for you. While some photo book ideas work well with any size and format of photo book, others definitely don’t. Here, we’d like to give you some inspiration on how to choose the right photo book size for your ideas – although there is, of course, no right or wrong when it comes to your personal photo book.

1. Gifts: 20×20 to A4

A woman wrapping a gift with a red band on a table with twinkling lights

Photo books are among the most popular gift ideas out there – especially for Christmas. Grandparents are among the most grateful receivers of photo books there are as they let them take part in the daily lives of their children and grandchildren. Although there is no rule that will tell you which sizes are right or wrong, it’s actually quite easy to determine the right fit for you, so to speak. The important things to consider are the recipient and the occasion. The most typical gift sized photo book is A4 or similarly large formats like a square 20x20cm. They’re neither completely out of proportion nor do they look like a small token. For special occasions like Christmas or birthdays, these formats are ideally suited. When it comes to other occasions such as Valentine’s Day, the rule to remember is that size is not what makes the gift successful. Even a little 10x10cm booklet can be the perfect gift. The point is to put your heart into it and a photo book gives you all the opportunity for that.

2. Family: 30×30 to A4

Little girl in a blue dress looking out the window

A family photo book is meant to show how your family develops and grows and what kind of adventures you had. The key to success is the detail of your photos. Obviously, you will want to be able to make the most of them and see all there is to see. A small photo book will still look nice, but it doesn’t do your photos justice and in order to have a long lasting book full of great family memories, a larger format such as A4 or a square 30x30cm photo book is ideal.

3. Special occasions: 30×30 to A3

Closeup of two hands holding wedding rings at an Indian wedding

Now this is where you go all out in terms of size. When we’re talking special occasion, we’re talking wedding, a new baby, and the like. These are once-in-a-lifetime events that deserve the appropriate stage to shine on. In photo book sizes like 30x30cm and A3, you can relive every little detail of those special occasions and share them with friends and family in years to come. So when it comes to special occasion, the answer to the question “what size photo book is best” is “large and extra large”.

4. Love: Love knows no size limits

A card showing a figure holding a heart emerging from a brown envelope on a wooden table

Contrary to what businesses and apparently the entire world of marketers want you to believe, the amount spent on a gift for a loved one does not equal its value. While there’s no reason that strictly speaks against a photographic proclamation of your love in A3, neither is there one that says a small booklet can’t carry just as much love. The point is: As long as you put effort and thought into it, size is the least important factor. So here’s our tip: There’s as much value in a 10×10 booklet full of snapshots showing your best times as there is in an A3 love story, as long as it comes from the heart.

5. Memories: 10×10 to A4

An old school camera with black and white photos on a wooden table

Of course, there are many reasons for creating a photo book for yourself. The more you value your memories, the more likely you will want to immortalise them. Really, any size works for preserving your memories. Most people prefer smaller sizes to gigantic ones as these photo books are often about the memories in the photos rather than the details. A good way to make a decision is to ask yourself if you want your photo book to be portable or a wonderful accessory to your bookshelf. There are some fantastic options out there that you can literally hide away in your pocket or handbag to pull out and look at or share with friends at all times. The large options are made to impress and really look at every little detail.

So what size photo book is best? There is no best size for a photo book. There are some tips and tricks for finding a size that suits your needs, though, as you can see above. The most important thing to consider is the occasion and the recipient and to put love into your work.

Whether you’re choosing a handy little memory booklet like the 10×10 from Jessops or an impressive oversized photo book (the maimum tends to be 38x29cm like this one from Cewe), it’s always worth having a look for a great deal. That’s exactly what we’re here for, so have a look at our deals for your favourite photo book supplier and get started on your next project – small or large.

Who is best for photo books?

The best photo book services in the UK

We’ve all been there: The holiday is over and you’re stuck with an immeasurable number of photos. Some are on your phone, others on the camera, and of course the others you travelled with also have photos on their devices. The best of the best of your photos will probably make it to Instagram, Facebook, and so on. But you also want to make the best of your whole collection of photos. So you decide to create a photo book to put them all together and immortalise them. But the instant you go online to choose a photo book service, you’re showered with lots and lots of different options. This is a common phenomenon we have to live with nowadays. So how do you choose? This article will help you find out who is best for photo books by comparing the five most popular services. If you’re looking for the best photo book app of the UK, have a look at this article.

1. Photobox

Phtoobox Logo

Photobox is one of the best services for photo books, at the very least due to their incredible range of choice. Pretty much anything you can imagine – from different formats to a cover decorated with Swarovski crystals – is possible with Photobox. When you pick Photobox, you’ll find it very easy to find just what you need. The menu offers you specific types, targeted to the occasions you may want to create your photo book for such as “Mum and Dad” or “Love Book”.
Apart from the wide choice, Photobox also is pretty convincing when it comes to pricing. For as little as £12.99, you can create a softcover photo journal. There’s also high-end premium options that can dig deep into your pockets. The most expensive photo book available costs an astounding £99.99 or more, depending on the extras you choose.
While price and option are quite important, there’s also the aspect of design that should be considered. For many, ease of use is even more important than cost. A quite unique feature Photobox offers is the option to have the software create the book for you by asking just a few questions. Of course, you can start from scratch as well. Whichever option you choose, the design of the individual pages is quite intuitive. There’s still room for improvement, particularly when it comes to backgrounds and themes. However, considering how easy Photobox makes the entire process, it is definitely safe to say that they are one of the best for photo books.

Photobox Photo Book Deals

2. Bonusprint

Bonusprint takes a much more practical view on the choice and creation of photo books. If you’ve over the endless amount of choice and variations, this is the right place for you. This doesn’t mean there is no choice available. From small to extra large, Bonusprint offers portrait, landscape, and square photo books. You can also choose different types of cover such as linen, leather, or photo covers. The very popular layflat option is also available for that little bit of extra flair.
Prices range from £6.99 to £44.99, which is determined by the size, format, and additional options you choose. That places Bonusprint very high in terms of best prices for photo books. But, as we all know, price is not all there is.
The design of the book is – compared to the other services out there – above average, but not the best. While Bonusprint offers some outstanding options such as masks and a wide range of clip arts, the available backgrounds are limited to colours. Overall, Bonusprint is an excellent choice for any kind of photo book you may want to create.

Bonusprint Photo Book Deals

3. Snapfish

Snapfish UK image date Tue

When it comes it Snapfish, choosing the right photo book is an incredibly easy task. Their menu provides you with the ways to approach the topic: Size, Type, or Design (or rather, Theme). In terms of user experience, this is a huge plus. As many know, choice can be a real burden. This type of presentation makes it easy to make a choice, whether you have a specific end result in mind or not.
With a price range of £7.99 to £46.99, Snapfish is right up there with the best-priced photo book options out there. A big plus is the transparency they offer when it comes to pricing. While many services offer add-ons that increase the price bit by bit here and there, Snapfish makes it easy to see the whole price for your photo book from the start.
Designing a photo book with Snapfish is a piece of customised cake, but it can also be a whole lot of work. The reason for this is the wide range of design options and templates they have to offer. From playful to rustic chic, there’s something for everyone, sorted by occasions and themes. Putting everything together is a matter of drag and drop. We highly recommend having a look at the pre-created design templates – they rock!

4. Cewe

CEWE photoworld logo and slogan

Cewe is a well-known brand for many types of photo products, not least of which photo books. Choosing the right options is similarly easy as it is with Snapfish. The menu lists the different sizes, formats, and possible themes to make it as simple as possible. On the many pages of their website, Cewe also offers a lot of inspiration for concepts, design, and product options.
Cewe prices range from £5.99 to £53.99, which is great value for money for their exceptional service and the great user experience. Add-ons such as high gloss paper or a hardcover version increase the price, but at all times in the design process you will know where you are in terms of the overall price.
Cewe keeps the photo book editing quite simple and yet offers a wide range of design options – from cliparts to themed backgrounds for Christmas, Baby, Travel, and so forth. The page-by-page design is a matter of drag-and-drop, could be improved to make things easier, though.

Cewe Photo Book Deals


ASDA is known and beloved by many for the convenience they offer. Photo products have been part of their product range for some time now. As with most of their products, ASDA makes the navigation very easy and thus you can find the ideal product quite quickly. Similarly to Cewe, you can select your photo book by binding, size, or shape.
Refreshingly, ASDA does without the common psychological pricing method of 99 pence and simply give it to you straight: Their photo books are priced from £6.00 to £58.00. Compared to the other photo book services we’ve presented, ASDA is pretty much up there with the best.
Creating a photo book with ASDA is really not a matter of hard work. Other than most photo book companies, ASDA doesn’t work with backgrounds or cliparts – with them, it’s all about your photos. Come to think of it, isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?

ASDA Photo Book Deals

Woman on a couch browsing through a photo book

So who is best for photo books? Well, if it were all that simple, there wouldn’t be any competition out there now, would there? Each and every company has something going for them. The five photo book services we listed above are in no way the only ones to choose from. But they are very popular – and for good reasons, as you can see above. We hope you find just the right photo book for your snapshots and masterpieces!

Can I order prints from my iPhone?

How to turn your iPhone photos into real prints

It’s a problem of today most of us face: All our photos collect on our phones and at some point, there are so many that we can’t be bothered to sort them. Rarely, we delete unwanted photos or transfer them to our computers. Even if we do, those photos rarely ever make it to real prints or otherwise leave their digital existence.

Furthermore, we’ve grown accustomed to having almost everything available at our fingertips and not have to use our computers at all. Many consider it a matter of course to be able to do pretty much everything form their mobile devices. So the question we are determined to answer in this post is: “Can I order prints from my iPhone?”

Can I order prints from my iPhone?

The quick and easy answer is “Yes, you can order prints from your iPhone”. As with many things nowadays, it’s very easy to do from wherever you are. The more complex question to help you answer this first one is “How can I order prints from my iPhone”. We could stop here, having answered your question, but that wouldn’t relly healp you, would it? To order prints from your iPhone, you have a wide variety of options at your disposal. These options are photo apps that let you use not only the pictures from your phone but also your social media and online sotrage spaces.

In the following, we’ll go into a little more details about the photo apps available to you. We also have an article here about the best five photo book apps in the UK. While our focus there really was on their capabilities in creating good photo books, you can also order prints with them. So here, let’s look at some apps for ordering prints from your iPhone.

Person holding an iPhone in their hand

Snapfish app

The Snapfish app lets you order prints for £0.10. Depending on the size and format you choose, the price may go up. Here’s a little table to help you along:


Price / Print

15×10 cm £0.10
13×10 cm £0.10
10×10 cm £0.12
18×13 cm £0.21
20×15 cm £0.49
25×20 cm £1.25
30×20 cm £1.69

According to customer reviews, Snapfish fares very well and the app convinces with an easy-to-use interface and a quck and easy checkout process. You can access photos from your iPhone, Instagram and online storage spaces like Google Photos. Delivery is £1.49 for Standard delivery and £5.99 for Tracked delivery.

FreePrints app

FreePrints Checkout ScreenshotFreePrints Free Delivery offer

FreePrints appeals to its customers with literally free photo prints on a monthly basis. You can order up to 500 prints for free every year, only paying for delivery. That’s 45 prints every month (in 6×4 format and limited to one photo per print – so no collages for free). Delivery starts at £1.49 and never exceeds £3.99. So you get a pretty good deal out of the app.

The app is very easy to use and lets you tap into your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr) and online storage (Google Photos, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Amazon) for accessing your photos for printing. So really all you need to do is pick your photos and enter your address plus payment info and you’re done.

Customer reviews go from excellent to bad, the overall quality impression is quite positive, though. Considering the price per print (around £0.6 if you choose the 45 free prints), it’s definitely worth a try to make your own impression.

Truprint app

With this app, you can choose between four different photo prints:


Price / Print

10×10 cm £0.20
13×10 cm £0.05
15×10 cm £0.05
18×13 cm £0.20
25×20 cm £1.20

There’s Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, and your phone’s gallery to choose your photos from. Adding £2.99 for Standard or £7.25 for Tracked delivery, this app is comparatively high-priced. The quality is considered very good, though, which makes the price worth consideration. The app is very easy to use as well and there are many other photo products you can choose from beside prints.

TruePrints Screenshot showing available product options

Portable printers

Although the question “Can I order prints from my iPhone” doesn’t really refer to them, we though we might throw in this alternative. Portable printers are becoming more and more popular. You basically have a device you can print your photos with right away. There are some great options out there. Of course, you pay a certain price for it, but there’s no more waiting around for a delivery guy to ring the bell. You can have your prints done and dusted within seconds after taking the picture.

  1. Kodak Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer£89.99: This wireless device prints 2.1 x 3.4 Inch photos via a Bluetooth connection. Of course, you will need cartridges for printing your photos which come in increments of 20, 30, or 50 sheets. The result is quite satisfactory overall.
  2. Canon Selphy CP1300£ 119.99: This “luxury” option is less portable but more professional in its printing style. You can choose different formats, from postcard-size to “mini” (22 x 17.3 mm). At around £8.50, the cartridges (managing around 36 postcard-size prints) are affordable as well.
  3. Prynt Pocket – from £99.00: This funny device attaches right to your iPhone and prints your photos straight away. It imitates the Polaroid cameras of way back when, just that you can choose the photo you want printed before it actually starts. The magical thing about Prynt Pocket is that you don’t need any cartridges as the ink-infused thermal paper does all the “printing” for you.

Prynt Pocket portable printer

These are just some examples. There are many more portable printers out there that we couldn’t possibly list here. It’s always worth having a look around to find the right product for your needs. Have a look at some reviews as well to get a good overall impression of the options available to you.


The above are some examples of popular prints apps. We hope this has helped you answer the question “Can I order prints from my iPhone”. Of course, there are lots and lots of other apps and services available and considering all those apps are all free to download, you can try some out to find the best for you. The options with free prints and only delivery costs are of course inviting. A fun alternative is a portable printer that saves you the long wait for delivery, of course. We hope to have helped you with this post and look forward to hearing your stories!

What do picture books do?

Five great uses for picture books

Picture books, more commonly called photo books are a great way of doing more with all those photos you have on your camera, phone, and computer. Only 20 years ago, we did not have the option to use our phone to take photos. Around 50 years ago, the fit compact cameras became available. Over this time, the number of photos we take has increased exponentially. Not so long ago, we were careful about every photo we took. The films had to be developed, which cost money and time. Many people were meticulous in the use and cataloguing of family, holiday and celebration photos in albums. Nowadays, things are very different. Every two minutes, we take more photos than ever existed 150 years ago. When we take a look at our phones, cameras, and computers, we see a myriad of pictures which seem impossible to sort in a lifetime. Yet, we don’t really draw any benefits from simply having a digital collection of photos. Often, it can be nice to see our photos printed out instead of on social media or simply in our hard drives. In part, that is the answer to the question “What do picture books do”. Picture books let you put together your photos in real-life books to tell your very own stories. We’d like to give you five uses for your very own picture books here:

1. Family photo book

Photo of a mother and daughter giving each other a kiss on a street

A family develops over times, evolves into a new, extended family, and repeats the process. For many, the real family lift starts with the first child. All the changes that take place over the years are a great subject for a picture book. Photos of holidays, everyday life, and lots of family firsts tell the story of your very own little world of joy. Over time, you can see the changes that sneak up on you on a day-to-day basis. A photo book also lets you share these developments with your extended family and friends. You can add little anecdotes, funny quotes from the little ones, and reminders of special places and people you saw and met. Many people also create family picture books regularly to be able to reminisce in the many different stages and memories of your family.

2. Story book for the kids

A litte girl reading a book in a fantasy forest with her teddy bear

A little more creative approach is to write or rewrite an actual story starring your children. Photos of the little ones combined with pictures from actual story books make a real impression on children. In their mind’s eye, stories come to life. With a picture book, they can actually see themselves as the little hero or heroine. All it takes is a little editing of their favourite fairy tale or working creatively with the little ones to create an all-new story about them and their own little world. This kind of picture book is absolutely unique and will become a treasured item for the little ones when they are older. Maybe they will even read it to their own children one day.

3. Baby photo book

A man and a woman holding hands and a pair of baby shoes photographed from behind

New life is a miracle. From practically nothing, a human being forms, is born, and over time develops into a unique person with features, a personality, and a whole life ahead of them. Taking photos of babies is a rite of passage. Nowadays, the very first photo of your baby is taken before they have come into this world with an ultrasound machine. From this moment forward, there will be lots and lots more. As babies develop so rapidly, we often find ourselves suddenly staring at a one-year-old and marvelling at the changed that appear to have come overnight. With a baby photo book, you can keep track of all those little changes and record your baby’s early life.

4. Yearbook

A small pile of photo books in black and while with the top one's pages forming a heart

Our lives move so fast, it’s sometimes hard to keep up and appreciate all the great things that happen. At the end of the year, we celebrate a new beginning, thinking back on all that happened in that year. A yearbook helps to keep all those memories near and dear. It is also a fantastic way to relive them with friends and family. Over the years, you can put together a collection of yearbooks that will not only decorate your bookshelf but enable you to go back in time.

5. Songbook

A tulip on an opened songbookAnother more creative idea for a picture book can be a songbook. Especially around Christmas, in youth or religious groups, songbooks are very popular. It’s a nice little family tradition for many to stand around the Christmas tree and sing carols. Wouldn’t it be even nicer if you sang them from a songbook full of family photos? It’s also a great gift for a family member. And you can use your songbook again and again.

So, what do picture books do? They turn your photos into unique books that tell a specific story. They let you look at your photos in real life, not through a computer or smartphone screen. They make for great gifts, they are a great way to preserve memories, and they are a fantastic creative output. There are many ways to create a picture book. The most old-fashioned one is creating a photo album with your prints. There are also lots of companies, though, that let you upload your photo from your phone or computer or import them from social media to create the book online and have it printed professionally. On PhotoBook  deals you can find the best deals for many of these companies. Here are just some of these companies in the UK that will let you create your very own photo book:






Snapfish Delivery Cost and Shipping Simplified

An explanation of Snapfish’s delivery prices

When it comes to ordering anything nowadays, we are often surprised at low product costs. In many cases, the next surprise comes along just before you click on that confirmation button.

While many impress their customers with free delivery and many more charge extra for delivery while keeping product prices low, there are also those companies that give you a clear pricing structure for shipping.

We’d like to give you an overview of the Snapfish delivery prices, specifically for photo books.

A quick table for Snapfish delivery costs (for photo books)


Price (Standard delivery)

Regular Photo Books (Quantity 1-3) £2.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 4-10) £3.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 11-20) £5.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 21-30) £9.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 31-40) £14.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 41+) £19.99
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 1-2) £6.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 3-10) £8.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 11-20) £12.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 21-30) £17.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 31+) £22.98

Now, if your photo book needs are like most others’, you will most likely only need one copy of your creation.

The main thing you can take from the table above is that the delivery charges are quite straightforward and sensible.

As hardcover books are heavier, they are bound to be more costly to transport from A to B. The same principle applies to the quantities, obviously.

Picture of a courier speeding through the night on his bike through the city

Another thing to consider is that Snapfish is fairly open about these charges and doesn’t play the Jack-in-the-box at checkout.

You can easily view a comprehensive table of all their shipping charges on their website.

To be fair, it is quite a long list as Snapfish has so many more products besides photo books in their portfolio.

You can have a look at the complete list here. You may find that the hardcover photo book delivery prices differ from Snapfish’s list to ours.

That is because we tested both delivery types and found the prices from the table above. The difference is minimal, though, in the grand scheme of things.

You will notice that they do not list prices for European or UK Tracked delivery in their table. That’s why we will help you with that right here:


Price (UK Tracked delivery)

Regular Photo Books (Quantity 1-20) £6.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 21-30) £11.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 31-40) £17.99
Regular Photo Books (Quantity 41+) £24.99
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 1-10) £13.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 11-20) £18.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 21-30) £24.98
Hardcover Photo Books (Quantity 31+) £31.98

Snapfish free delivery

Free is often searched phrase for many products. Snapfish is not offering free shipping on a daily basis but there are special offers where you can get free shipping or even better save up to 60% for your order.

Snapfish delivery times

Regarding delivery times, Snapfish sticks to its apparent straightforwardness through and through.

In part, this makes it so much easier to comprehend the whole of the shipping options available.
As it is, Snapfish offers Standard, Tracked, and European delivery. That means just about this:


Price (Standard delivery)

UK Standard 2-3 working days
UK Tracked 1-2 working days
European 5-7 working days


There always is a ‘but’, isn’t there? We’re talking about photo books and not readily made items that just have to find their way from a shelf into a box and to you. As there’s processing, preparing, and printing involved before your creation can be sent off, Snapfish calculates 2-3 working days for processing your order.

It is quite common in the scene of photo book making. Worst case, you’ll have to wait a whole week for receiving your photo book.

As you are a very smart person, you will surely plan your project well ahead of time, though, right?

So even if it is a gift, you will receive your photo book in time for wrapping and the big hand over.

Woman holding a Christmas present in her hands over a table with Christmas decorations and a cup of chocolate


So… How much is Snapfish delivery?

If you order one or two hardcover books, you will pay £3.98 for Standard delivery. For any other single or up to three photo books, you pay £2.99. Tracked delivery costs £3 extra for regular books and £4 extra for hardcover books.

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We think these prices are quite fair overall and it’s great that there is an option to choose a faster method.

The processing times are also within reason. Photo books are typically not a last-minute present idea, so if you’re terribly pressed for time, you might not receive your creation in time.

We hope to have helped you answer the question of “How much is Snapfish delivery” in this article.

Apple Photo Books Alternatives

Does Apple still make photo books?

Recently, we came across this question and figured we’d give it a go to offer you an answer in this article. The reason for this question popping up in the first place is that Apple has discontinued its physical Photo Books printing service in 2018. Before, MacOS users could create a variety of photo products using Photo Books and get them mailed to them.

Now that this sevice is discontinued, it doesn’t mean that creating photo books is a thing of the past! As a matter of fact, Apple still makes it relatively easy to create photo books from Apple Photos. Here, we will dig deeper into the methods that let you create Apple photo books without using Apple Photo Books.


Motif Logo - An Extension to replace Apple Photos

Motif is an extension that lets you create cards, calendars, and books with your photos. Sounds nice enough, right? But it gets better. With machine learning, Motif actually puts together the book for you with your best photos. In a few clicks, you have a whole book full of great memories that you can, of course, customise further very easily.

The extension is very easy to use and really, you won’t miss Apple Photos at all. You can order hardcovers or satin softcovers in many different formats and sizes. You can also convert old Apple projects so if you have a photo book from way back that you made with Apple Photo Books, you can revive it!

In terms of constructive criticism, customers do ask for more creative options for the design of the photo books. In many cases, they miss the designs they knew and loved from Apple Photos. Other than that, there’s just regular little bugs that come and go.

You can download the Motif extension here.

Mimeo Photos

Mimeo Logo - an extension to replace Apple Photos

This extension mimiks the functionalities of Apple Photos especially with regards to the themes and design aspects of it. And of course, it also adds new styles to the roster so you have a lot of creative stuff to get started. Generally, Mimeo Photos is a great app to express yourself creatively on every single page of your photo book.

According to some, the user interface takes a little time getting used to. Once users have the hang of it, they are quite pleased with the result and the app’s usability. Customer support gets a lot of love from the customers for their prompt help and friendly service.

Mimeo Photos is available in the App Store.

Mpix Photo Prints

mpix logo - A replacement option for Apple Photos

Among their many photo products, Mpix lets you design your photo books easily and quickly. There’s lots of room for being creative and expressing yourself through your photos, the available designs, and decorations. Beside photo books, there are also cards and wall decorations at your disposal and delivery is quite fast.

Most negative feedback revolves around the feeling off loss and yearning for Apple Photos. It’s always difficult to follow an established and well liked service. As this is not an Apple service, a new account is required but other than that the integration seems seamless.

The print quality as such is considered excellent and there are few individual complaints out there. Photos appear in good colour and texture quality.

Download Mpix here.

Other options

Extensions are not the only road leading to Rome. Although they integrate perfectly into your library, there’s a multitude of other options. Why not bring your photo library to the photo book service instead? Almost all good photo book suppliers even offer downloadable software you can use to create your photo books offline. While the extensions above are citicised mostly for failing to be exactly like Apple Photos, these other services don’t even try.

The most popular services out there are:

  1. ifolor Designer: The Swiss company’s software is all about helping you create top-knotch photo products.
  2. Adoramapix: An incredibly easy to use software with many different photo book types for you.
  3. ArcSoft Print Creations: One of the best softwares for Mac users to create photo books and much more.
  4. Many, many more. The options are almost limitless and the choice really is yours.


So, if you’re asking “Does Apple still make photo books”, the straightforward answer is “No”. As with many questions, there is a “but” to follow, though. While Apple doesn’t make photo books any more, there are ways to replace its service. None of the extensions and alternative options above are or will ever be Apple Photos. We will just have to accept the fact that it is gone and move on. There are excellent ways to create photo books for Mac users. We hope we were able to help you find the right solution for your photo book needs. In any case: Enjoy doing more with your photos – and if you’re lookijng for great deals for your photo books, Photobook Deals is here for you!