CEWE Desktop Software Review

When it comes to creating beautiful and high-quality photo books, CEWE naturally comes to mind as one of the very first choices. On multiple occasions, we’ve looked at their photo books, apps, and deals. Today, we’re going to have a look at their brand new desktop software which offers lots of new features and products. Here is our CEWE Desktop Software Review.

Why download?

Obviously, you can easily create photo books and other photo products with CEWE online as well as from your smartphone. So why would you download software to your computer? From a general standpoint, the product range is identical to what you can do online. The thing about photo books in particular is that they tend to be projects you put a lot of love into. That means time. And in that time you want to be as comfortable and secure as possible. That’s where the main advantage of the desktop software presents itself. You don’t need an Internet connection or worry about connectivity or loss of data – ever. You can safely create your photo book and photo product projects over long periods of time and, once you’re finished, simply order your works of art through the software. Only at this point will you need an Internet connection. Plus, while you’re working, you won’t have to wait for your photos to upload and process.

The installation is quick and only installs what you need: CEWE Photoworld.

New Features & Products

Product selection

With a wide selection such as CEWE’s, choosing a product can become quite overwhelming. That’s why CEWE has obviously put a lot of effort into creating a clear layout for their product selection. Whether it’s photo books, prints, calendars, or any of the many other product types they offer, a simply tile layout makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

The product descriptions are factual and clear – you don’t have to search for the information you need. Once you’ve chosen the size, format, and binding of your photo book, you know exactly what you will get and can also very easily navigate back to any previous page.

Screenshot CEWE Photoworld Product information

There are small differences between the product selection for photo books and, for example, calendars. While photo books are selected using an intuitive and simple click-through process, we noticed that for calendars, a pop-up screen is offered to make a selection. Subjectively, we feel like it would have been more intuitive to adapt the same method as with photo books, but overall, this doesn’t impact the ease of use significantly.

New products

It’s always fantastic to see new photo products become available. Whether it’s photo books or other product types, it’s just great to be inspired. We had a look at the new products for you:

Highlighted faux Leather & Linen cover for photo books

For all seasoned photo book creators out there, photo covers are probably the most popular choice. But CEWE has found a way to turn Faux Leather and Linen Covers into real highlights. Basically, they’ve made it possible to personalise these covers with highlights such as text and cliparts in gold, silver and rose gold, which really give your cover a new level of elegance. Particularly for wedding photo books, we feel like this is a fantastic option.

You can add multiple highlights in one of the three colour options to the cover simply by dragging and dropping them onto it in the editor.

Screenshot CEWE Photoworld cover in faux leather and linen option

Calendars: A3 with gold-highlighted packaging and surprise-Advent calendars

It’s the small things in life that turn a regular photo calendar into a special gift. While the product itself is still the same high-quality A3 wall calendar, CEWE has added the option of a uniquely beautiful gift wrap. It combines the practical aspect of a robust packaging with golden highlights and a small window where you can add a personal message.

Screenshot CEWE Photoworld A3 calendar gold packaging feature

An insider from CEWE also told us that the new software lets you design personalised advent calendars with Kinder surprise eggs inside the little doors. While we were unable to find this particular product option in the software (as of July 2020), we’re sure that’s due to the fact that ‘tis simply not the season yet. We’d be a little surprised to find advent calendars as early as July anywhere – even though preparations seem to start earlier each and every year.

The point is that an advent calendar with photo cover is quite a step up from those run-of-the-mill calendars you get at the store and who wouldn’t love to find a Kinder surprise egg behind some of the doors of their calendar?

Poster with plastic frame

Another addition to the CEWE product portfolio is the plastic frame for posters, which can be ordered in black or white. While we were able to easily find these frames online, the software made it a little harder: Instead of finding them among the Posters, the framed posters have their own little subsection in the “Posters & Wall Art” category. You can choose framed posters in all sizes, though, and it’s a great option to give a photo poster a more luxurious look.

Gift ideas

Finally, CEWE has also added a variety of new photo gifts. It would be excessive to go into detail and describe every single one, but to give you an overview, here is a sample of our favourite new additions to the CEWE family: You can now create your own photo magnets (great for the fridge and to organise your day) and photo tote bags (your new favourite accessory). One thing CEWE could have done better here – both in the software and on their website – is feature all new products especially so you can see them easily.


Let’s be honest, this is the most important aspect of any photo book software. The ease of use of the design process can make or break a photo company’s reputation. CEWE clearly falls into the “make” category.


Screenshot CEWE Photoworld design template choices

We love templates. They make work so much easier ad give you a head start with your photo book. While CEWE has an admirable number of different templates, we thought the selection process lacked a search functionality. You can scroll through a very large number of different templates and themes – and even download more! – but there’s no filter or search bar. To be fair, there should always be a little room for improvement, right?

Ease of use

The editor combines a wide range of editing options with a clear structure so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It follows a stringent logic: You start with the cover and work your way through the book. You can choose to work with an assistant to add your photos intelligently to the pages of the book and if there are quality issues, you’re of course warned so you can replace them to avoid pixelated prints.

While most features of the editing software have not changed, CEWE has made some improvements to make things more intuitive. For instance, you can now hide the navigation bar, the toolbox, and the thumbnail view of the pages to have a complete in-detail view of the individual pages of the photo book.

Screenshot CEWE Photoworld quality corrections


What we value in particular when it comes to CEWE’s photo book software is the degree of individuality you can give your photo book. Even when you’re using templates, themes, or the assistant, you can adapt every page and photo to your liking. Whether it’s text, cliparts or the layout of a page, you have so much choice to do exactly what you want – if you want.

CEWE Desktop Software Review

The CEWE Desktop Software was and is an excellent tool for all you photo book needs. The improvements they made really give them an edge in a very competitive environment. You have a lot of choice when it comes to photo products. But if you want a harmonious interplay of high quality, easy to use software, and a great product range, CEWE is your ideal partner in crime.

Shutterfly photo book: What is the maximum number of pages?

If you are wondering what is the maximum number of pages in a Shutterfly photo book, then please keep reading on and learn more about Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is a US American company with a wide variety of brands and products. Among these products you will find photo products and of course photo books.

Even though the website displays Shutterfly’s products exclusively in US Dollars, you can order Shutterfly photo books from and to the UK.

As a matter of fact, Shutterfly ships to over 100 countries around the globe. Given the distance and processing and printing times, orders may take up to 12 business days to be delivered, though.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’d like to have a look at a question many people have about Shutterfly’s photo book service: What is the maximum number of pages in a Shutterfly photo book?

Shutterfly logo

Different types of photo books

Just like all other photo book services, Shutterfly offers different types and sizes of photo books.

When you visit the website, you can consider two main approaches: Start by picking the type of photo book you’d like (family, travel, baby, etc.) or start by picking the size of photo book you’d like (8×8, 8×11, 10×10, or 12×12 inches).

As a matter of fact, you can even have Shutterfly design your photo book for you and lean back without having to work your way through the drag and drop process.

To add to the above, there is also a premium photo book service with added features such as lay-flat pages. This premium service can be applied to all photo book sizes and formats Shutterfly has to offer.

Book design

Once you have chosen a photo book in terms of size and style, you can start designing.

There are some great design templates for various themes available to get you started but you have full freedom in terms of design once you get started.

The moment you arrive in the design software, you will also be able to add extra pages to your book. The best way forward is typically to start designing your book and importing the photos you would like to use.

Once you know how many pictures you’re using and how you will spread them over the pages – for example as full-page pictures or collages of up to 30 photos per page – you will know whether or not you actually need additional pages. At this point, you can look at adding pages.

This is done by clicking on the Add pages button on the top left.

Shutterfly photo book adding pages

Adding pages

Regardless of the type and size of photo book you’ve chosen, you start out with 20 pages.

From this starting point, you can add up to 91 pages to each of the available books.

That brings the total to 111 photo book pages. Keep in mind, though, that 111 pages is a whole lot and may be too much for a regular photo book.

Many a time, you’ll want to add as many photos as possible, but you may be able to get your message across much more efficiently when you choose photos wisely and go for quality instead of quantity.

Of course, adding pages also adds to the total price of your photo book. This is not a specific thing to Shutterfly but rather something every photo book company does.

The price for each additional page varies depending on the format you chose in the beginning.

What is the maximum number of pages in a Shutterfly photo book?

If you really want to go for it, you can design a Shutterfly photo book with up to 111 pages. Even though this is a possibility, you should keep in mind that more is not automatically better.

Due to the many design options available at Shutterfly, you don’t have to use full-page photos exclusively, which may also be a way to limit the number of pages and keep things neat and nice to look at.

We hope this article has helped you get an overview as well as answer your question “What is the maximum number of pages in a Shutterfly photo book”.

If you’d prefer some alternatives for UK photo books, have a look at our special offer page and discover top deals for various photo books!


Can I order prints from iPhoto?

For those who don’t know, iPhoto was a photo manipulation app. You could use it to organise your pictures and edit them as well. The thing is that in October 2019, Apple’s operating system was updated and that rendered iPhotos unusable. In summary, the service was discontinued. To be exact, that means that the simple answer to the question “Can I order prints from iPhoto?” is no. However, the service was replaced by Apple’s new Photos app. Photos automatically replaces iPhoto when you update your system software. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a Mac, the options are the same. Let’s have a look:

How it works

Apple Photos is a very easy to use app that helps you store, organise, and edit your photos. It is also much faster than iPhoto and thus removes the annoying wait for loading and organising things. It also has a cloud feature for iCloud so you can access your photos at any time from any place. What’s most interesting for this article in particular is the Projects feature. At the top of the Photos app, you’ll find a tab labelled Projects. This is where you can turn your photos into photo books or order prints. There are lots of different options at your disposal, so it is definitely worth a try to go and test the app and find the right project for you. As your photos and albums can be imported automatically, there isn’t much you need to know before using the app.

Editing photos

Photo editing software on a table with a DSLR camera and flowers

If you’re looking to order prints, there may come a time when you’d like to make some changes to photos before sending them off to be professionally printed. Photos makes this not only possible but also incredibly easy. There are many different enhancement features, filters, and adjustments. What’s really interesting, though, is the intelligence hidden within this app. If you choose to crop an image of a beach, for example, the app can automatically apply the ideal changes, such as aligning the horizon to the image. All you need to do is click one button and the app works its magic for you. The same applies to filters and enhancements. Of course you can edit things manually to your liking, but there are smart sliders available to assist you and make the job as easy as possible.

The synchronisation between your Mac and portable devices is also very fast. You can use any device to edit pictures and the changes appear on all devices almost instantly – provided you are connected to the Internet, of course.

Ordering prints

Ordering prints is very easy as well. As you need an extension to actually order your prints directly from Photos, you may have to install one of the available extensions first, but this is done quickly. Simply get the extension from the App Store and get started. All you need to do is choose the photos you would like to have printed and click on File -> Create -> and choose your installed extension. If you’d like an overview of your options, have a look at this article right here. You will be redirected to the respective printing service and can choose the options Prints right there and then.

Can I order prints from iPhoto?

Apple Photos has replaced both iPhoto and Aperture

Although iPhoto is discontinued and the Apple printing service also no longer exists, you can still order prints using the Photos app. All you need is an extension and you’re good to go. The Photos app is a powerful tool, especially for beginners without extensive knowledge of manual photo editing. Have a go and see what you can do – it’s easy and fast!

How much do Google photo books cost?

Google is known for its incredibly powerful search engine. In a way, every website tries its best to do what Google thinks is best. Even this post was created based on what people have searched on Google. Among many other things, Google has recently expanded into the photo book business. As with many other things, Google has kept things as simple as possible with their new photo book service. While many other photo book services offer a blindingly wide variety of photo book types and sizes, Google has kept things easy with only two different photo books to choose from. But how much do Google photo books cost?

How it works

Google only rarely creates standalone services. Actually, Google Photo Books is a service that complements their already existing service Google Photos. If you’re a Photos user, you will notice that Google Photo Books is the perfect addition. Actually, when you give the service a try, you will barely have to do anything at all. Google Photos puts together example photo books from your travel, family, or celebration photos. Of course you can make changes to the prefabricated photo book by replacing pictures or adding new ones to it. But the service as such takes a whole lot of work off your hands.

Creating collages on Google photo books

Two types of photo books

The photo books you can choose from with Google Photo books are a softcover 18x18cm and a hardcover 22x22cm photo book. You can add more pages to the standard of 20, but other than that, there are barely any add-ons you can choose. That makes the creation of photo books incredibly simple and, of course, fast. The same simplicity applies to the pricing. There are no fees hidden at the end of ordering or unnecessary additions that ten to be a pain for most customers.

When you create your photo book, you will also be confronted with a basic range of design options. The thing you have to remember is that photo editing is a feature native to Google Photos. To make changes to your photos, you’ll have to go back to Google Photos and use the filters and editing measures available there. That doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your project. Simply open a new tab and apply the changes to your photo right there or save your photo book project and come back to it later.

How much do Google photo books cost?

As mentioned, there are two types of photo books available: The softcover 18x18cm (7 inches) starts with 20 pages and costs £11.99. If you choose to add more pages, each one will cost an additional £0.49. The hardcover 22x22cm (9 inches) photo book comes with a base price of £22.99 and more pages cost £0.69 each.

Little stacks of coins with plants at the top next to a wooden plate in the form of a house

Of course, there is also shipping. Just like other photo book services, Google charges extra for the shipping costs. These prices are within a reasonable range, though. For a delivery time of 7 to 10 working days, you pay £4.99 for the softcover and £5.99 for the hardcover photo books respectively. If you prefer expedited shipping, you can choose Priority which reduces the shipping time to 4 to 7 working days and increases the price to £12.99 for both photo books.

Assuming you choose the 22x22cm (9-inch) hardcover photo book without additional pages and Priority shipping, you will find the total cost to be £35.98. It’s as easy as that. Only if you add more pages to your book can it get any more expensive than that.

We hope this article could help you answer your question “How much do Google photo books cost”. Feel free to get started right away or have a look at our wide range of photo book deals for various different photo book suppliers right here.

How long does it take to get a Snapfish photo book?

Nobody likes waiting. Fast delivery services like Amazon’s one-day delivery have decreased our ability to be patient significantly. While we all understand that a photo book is bound to have longer delivery times due to the time needed for production, we still wonder when we can expect our order. That’s why in this article, we’ll look at the very popular question “How long does it take to get a Snapfish photo book”.


It’s hard to give an indication of the time it takes to create a photo book. In some cases, it can take less than half an hour to put everything together; Others take several days to create a detailed book that combines pictures and text and tells a wonderful story of your adventures. Thus, for this article, we’ll disregard the time it takes you to create your photo book and only look at the actual processing and delivery times to answer the question “How long does it take to get a Snapfish photo book”.

Production time

product image

Once you complete your design and hit that infamous order button, the wheels at Snapfish will start turning.  That means that your photo book is processed, printed, and packed within 4 to 5 business days. This may seem like a long time, but when you think about it, you want your photo book to be of the very best quality. These 4 to 5 days are used to make sure that everything is as it should be and you get a high-quality photo book. Once this time has passed, your order is handed to the courier.

Delivery options

Before you place your order, you need to choose a delivery option. This is not uncommon at all. Almost all photo book suppliers offer you the choice to pay extra for a faster delivery service. Your options with Snapfish are UK Standard and UK Tracked. As the names suggest, Standard delivery is the most basic delivery service, while Tracked is not only faster but also traceable. That means you know where your photo book is at all times and sometimes can even tell at what time it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Delivery times

Shape f a woman in flying or sprinting motion resembling speed

UK Standard is the delivery option that takes 2 to 3 business days. So if you choose this option before ordering, it will take a total of 6 to 8 business days for your photo book to arrive. Choosing UK Tracked delivery, this time is cut short by 1 to 2 days. Delivery takes 1 to 2 business days which brings the total time for order processing and delivery to 5 to 7 business days.

Customer feedback

Things don’t always go the way they are planned. In preparation for this article, we scoured the customer review websites and had a look at their feedback regarding the delivery. What we found confirmed our suspicion: While some people complain about delays and lost orders, just as many people said their order arrived earlier than expected. The quality of a delivery is unlikely to be in the hands of the photo book supplier but rather the courier service. It can happen that items are lost or damaged during delivery. The important thing is that Snapfish typically takes responsibility and replaces the lost or damaged items.

How long does it take to get a Snapfish photo book?

Depending on the delivery type you choose – which can mean a small premium on the total price – you can get your Snapfish photo book either within 5 to 7 business days (UK Tracked) or 6 to 8 business days (UK Standard). This excludes the time it takes you to put the photo book together, of course. If you’d like to get started right away, you can find a list of all Snapfish photo book deals right here.

Are Snapfish photo books good quality?

When you decide to make your own photo book, quality is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, in the time and age of Internet ordering, you can’t check the quality of the product beforehand. Your best bet is typically a list of customer reviews and posts like this one to get an estimate on the quality you can expect. To help you make a decision, we’ll look at the question “Are Snapfish photo books good quality” in this article.

Snapfish quality control

Like all photo book companies, Snapfish says it is very focused on the quality of their photo books. According to them, they only offer a quality level they would want to find their own pictures printed in. At the same time, Snapfish aims to provide this quality level while maintaining low prices. For some, this may sound too good to be true. In today’s time of information overload, only very few people trust the information companies provide. After all, it’s safer to get information from neutral, third parties.

Snapfish logo

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are probably the most reliable source of information regarding the quality of products. While companies can claim what they like about their products, customers can provide actual, true feedback based on their experiences. Of course there are so many reviews – both positive and negative – that it can be hard to filter out the true and relevant ones. Plus, Snapfish doesn’t only offer photo books but a whole range of different products. Only few review sites limit the type of review to photo books. One example is our website, Photo Book Deals. Have a look here to see reviews about Snapfish photo books.

Based on our research from various different review portals, we can say the following regarding the question “Are Snapfish photo books good quality?”:

In terms of colour and print quality, Snapfish photo books are very good. Customers praise these features and only very few reviews claim the contrary. At the end of the day, there will always be cases that fall out of line.

Snapfish is also popular when it comes to the usability and delivery speed. That means that customers appreciate the way the software works that you use to create your photo books. Of course, this is an important factor when it comes to the overall quality of a service, even though it has only little to do with the product quality.

Star rating on a tablet

It is not easy to give a universal statement regarding the Snapfish photo book quality. After all, Snapfish offers a wide range of different photo book types with different bindings, paper type choices, and finishing options. While individual customers may thus experience a quality that is not perfect or shows flaws, the majority of customers are very happy with the quality of their photo books.

Another factor that should not go unmentioned is the service quality that follows once a product does not meet the quality standards Snapfish is known for. Overall, when something goes wrong with an order, Snapfish responds with good-faith customer service. This may be in form of exchanges, vouchers, and replacements. So even if a photo book shows some factory errors, Snapfish customer support responds in a timely fashion and usually offers some form of solution to ensure customers are happy.

Are Snapfish photo books good quality?

Are Snapfish photo books good quality

While the consensus among customers is a clear ‘yes’, there are always exceptions to the rule. Quality is one of the most important factors for the success of a photo book company. Snapfish knows this and makes sure to keep their photo book quality at the top of their list. That is why they are so popular and successful.

How do I track my order on Snapfish?

Snapfish belongs to the most popular photo book services in the UK and one of the most frequently asked questions is related to Snapfish product tracking. Continue reading!

Their easy-to-use software and high-quality photo books make them a top choice. As with most things nowadays, service is of the utmost importance to customers.

This also includes the topics delivery. While customers know and accept that photo books are not delivered as quickly as other products – after all, they need to be printed first – people still get impatient.

That’s when they turn to tracking. It gives them assurance that their photo book is on the way and they get a specific date for when to expect the delivery. But how do I track my order on Snapfish? Let’s have a look at this:

It doesn’t matter what you order – a photo book, a wall decoration, or just prints. The tracking system works the same way (although delivery times may vary).

After you place your order, your data is being processed by Snapfish. You now have a time window of one hour in which you can still cancel your order.

Often, people notice the moment they hit that order button that something wasn’t quite right. Snapfish knows and understands this.

Snapfish logo

How do I track my order on Snapfish?

You also receive a confirmation email. This helps you know that your order has come in and is being processed.

For the impatient among you, there’s the order history page. You can access this page by logging into your Snapfish account.

There, you can see your order(s) and will be shown a status (submitted, shipped, delivered). Once your photo book is printed and ready for shipping, Snapfish sets up the delivery with the courier.

That doesn’t mean you can track and trace your order yet, though. 24 hours after shipping, you will be able to do so.

You can use the link in your shipping confirmation email or access the same link through the above mentioned order history page on your account.

Accessing the order history though your Snapfish account

It’s important to note that tracking is not available if you choose the lowest price delivery method. It’s easy to see when you order: Choose UK Tracked for, well, a tracked delivery, and UK Standard for an untracked delivery.

From here, things are quite straightforward. You can view the status of your delivery on the courier’s website and are always up to date.

How does tracking work?

When Snapfish arranges transport with the courier, this order generates an ID which is printed onto the parcel containing your photo book.

At every step of the way, the courier scans this ID. These steps will be “picked up from Snapfish”, “en route to sorting station” and so on. Depending on the courier, it can be that the driver has an ID, too.

This is used to associate your parcel to his or her truck. As they are driving it, their ID may be transmitted to the Internet (put very simply) and thus it can be seen where they are.

This sort of detailed tracking has become more and more popular. Clicking on the tracking link opens a map and you can see exactly where they are o the map and you are able to really look forward to them ringing your bell.

Of course, sometimes tracking is more or less just a list of stops detailing where your parcel was and where it is currently headed. You’ll know the day but not the exact time of the delivery.

Scanning a code much like this makes it possible to track the exact location of a package


We hope this article helps you answer the question “How do I track my order on Snapfish?” Put simply, once your order has shipped, you’ll receive a shipping email with a link, provided you chose tracked delivery at checkout. You can also access this link through your Snapfish customer account.

Ready to order? Click here!

How long do Google photo books take?

We’ve looked at Google photo books from many different angles in our articles, but one question comes up again and again: How long do Google photo books take? With delivery times being a key service factor for any business nowadays, we felt like we couldn’t leave the question unanswered. The short answer is: If you choose economy and want your photo book delivered to the UK, it will take 7-10 days. If you choose Express, it may take between 4 and 7 days to arrive. But let’s look at the details:

  1. Why delivery times are important

Delivery courier in the night

No one likes to wait for things. With services becoming more and more convenient, we’ve grown accustomed to not having to wait very long at all. Amazon has set an incredible standard that is very hard to meet. This is particularly the case for photo books. After all, you have to consider the printing and preparation time that goes into making a photo book ready for shipping. While a charging cable just needs to be moved from its warehouse spot into a box, a photo book has a longer way to travel. You will have a hard time finding a photo book service that delivers the next day or even within two days. As they say, patience is a virtue. Still, if you’re pressed for time, almost all photo book services offer express delivery options – for a price, of course.

  1. How long do Google photo books take?

Creating your own photo book with Google is, of course, incredibly simple. The tech giant is known for its special way of making things easy for us, after all.  If you’re already using Google Photos, you’re practically good to go and you’ll know how to find just what you’re looking for. Of course, you can also upload your photos directly to the photo book service. As Google keeps things simple, there aren’t many things you need to (or can) edit. You can stylise photos in Google Photos beforehand, but other than that you’re limited to adding text and choosing the number of photos per page mainly.

Editing pages with text on Google photo books

Once you hit the order button, the wheels start turning and the printers start… well, printing. If you chose express delivery, you’ll hold your little masterpiece in your hands within 7 working days or as early as 4 working days. The regular shipping option (Economy) takes three days longer, so 7-10 days overall. All things considered, this is quite well within the UK standard for photo book deliveries.

  1. Why choose Google photo books?

The first and foremost reason is probably the simplicity associated with the process. There is little hassle and the service is quick and convenient to use. Especially Google Photos users will appreciate being able to find the pictures they want to use quickly, for instance by searching for locations (holiday in Thailand) or a theme (animals). Google Photos is able to find this information in your photos (through meta data and picture scans) and thus helps you get things done quickly. You can create a photo book with Google within less than two hours without compromising on quality.

Suggested photo books in Google photo book

The second reason is a little more bizarre: You only have a choice between two types of photo books with Google. There is an 18x18cm and a 23x23cm version. While choice may seem like a luxury, it is pretty much everywhere today. Have a look at the range of photo book deals we have on offer to see for yourselves. It can be hard to make a decision. Sometimes, a lack of choice can be a nice thing indeed. The square formats are quite popular and easy to handle as well.


How long do Google photo books take is a simple question with two possible answers: If you choose Standard delivery, it takes between 7 and 10 days, if you choose Express delivery, it takes between 4 and 7 days. It’s definitely a service worth trying, especially if you’re a Google Photos user. We hope this article proved helpful and wish you the best of luck and success with your photo book projects!

How long does photobox take to upload?

In our modern day and age, we’re quite spoiled in many ways. Deliveries can take as little as one day to arrive, food arrives at our door within less than an hour, and things we research on the Internet can be found within seconds. That’s why many times it can be quite irritating that when it comes to creating photo books, things may take a little longer. This is most noticeable when it comes to uploading photos. That’s why we’re not surprised to have come across this frequently asked question from photo book enthusiasts: “How long does photobox take to upload?” In this article, we’ll look into the how and why of photo uploads and see whether Photobox actually stands out of the crowd – positively or negatively.

  1. What is an upload?

Not everyone is versed in technology matters. Even though the term “upload” is quite common nowadays, let’s have a quick look at what happens when you upload something. Essentially, you are transferring data from your computer to another. In this photo book case, we’re talking about a server that is used by a photo book company. In order to get your data from here to there, the Internet is needed. That means your router is needed to move the data away from you and towards that server. Both need good Internet speed and processing power to get this work done. The server saves your photos (temporarily) and ensures you can use them in the software Photobox offers you to create your photo book. So there is also time involved in making your photo available for editing and placement.

Servers in a dark room

All in all, an upload is taking a file and sending it to a server from which it can be used. If you were to take that image file from Photobox and store it as a copy on your computer, that would be a download, meaning you are transferring the file from the server to your computer using the Internet.

  1. How is speed determined?

One very important factor is your home Internet service. If your local network is not very strong or in high demand (you’re streaming a movie, someone is on the phone, another person is playing a live online game, and you’re downloading a very big file in the background, for example), there isn’t a lot of room for your upload to be processed quickly. It is queued or gets only a small portion of the available bandwidth. In this case, your upload could take quite a long time.

Another factor is, of course, the size of your upload. Each photo on your computer is stored in bytes. High-resolution images are large compared to smartphone snapshots. Uploading a couple of smartphone snapshots takes very little time. Uploading 30 professional photographs, on the other hand, is more time-consuming. It’s like carrying water: You’re much quicker walking with one bottle than walking with a crate in each hand.

Shape f a woman in flying or sprinting motion resembling speed

Lastly, there’s the other side: If there are Internet problems at Photobox’s servers, your upload may take longer. Also, the number of people using the service matters. Imagine a full bus, I mean packed: You’re still getting from A to B, but it’s much harder for people to enter and exit and thus it may take longer. You may have experienced as well that a website is temporarily unavailable. That’s what happens when a server is overloaded (this is one of the reasons) – it can’t handle the quantity of requests it receives.

  1. How long does Photobox take to upload?

Now, let’s have a look at Photobox in particular. While we know that other factors can influence the upload speed, is Photobox better or worse than other services? To give a good framework, let’s consider this: You have a folder with 20 images you’d like to upload. Each of those images has a file size of about 3MB. As we know, this is relevant to the speed of upload. Your Internet connection is strong and everyone is out, so you’re free to use its full upload power. This upload of 40MB should take about 20-30 seconds. According to Photobox, one file of about 2MB should take less than 5 seconds to process. In our own test, things went incredibly well and fast. We uploaded 20 photos of 25MB or more each and were good to go within 10 seconds.

Photobox logo

So while we can’t give you a specific answer to the question “How long does photobox take to upload?”, we hope this article helps you get a good idea of how things work and why they sometimes don’t. If you’re unsure, you can also test your Internet connection or try again at a later time to improve upload speeds.

What age are picture books for?

Picture books tell stories mainly through pictures. Hence the name. This type of book is particularly easy to read and aims at the younger generations. If you’d like a detailed look into the difference between picture books and easy to read books, here’s an article that will help you. So we know what picture books are and that they are made mainly for children. But what age are picture books for? After all, we all look to find the best suitable toys and education games for our little ones. That also means thinking about the appropriate age. So let’s have a look at this question to find out what age are picture books for.

A litte girl reading a book in a fantasy forest with her teddy bear

  1. Text to picture ratio

Obviously, the littlest humans can’t ready yet. Still, even the picture books for the youngest ages typically combine text and pictures. That’s because they are meant to introduce the concept of story time and reading. While the parent reads the words, the child can look at the pictures. With time, they learn that there is a relationship between what is read and what the pictures show. Picture books for the littlest children (babies and toddlers up to the age of two) are usually mainly reliant on the picture and offer only one or two simple sentences per page. The next stage of picture book uses rhymes and short stories while most or all of the page is covered in a big picture showing a detailed picture with many scenes or simply what is happening in the text. Of course, there is no specific rule that says how old a child needs to be to have a book with more or mostly text. But as an indication, children up to the age of around five usually have picture books in which the picture is most important. Children older than five or six tend to focus more on the text. Of course, they don’t read it themselves, but they can follow the story line now and really appreciate story time, especially before going to bed. Finally, let’s not forget comic books. There really is no age limit for those and there is by far less text than there are pictures.

  1. Page thickness

The younger the child, the thicker and sturdier the pages of the picture books should be. After all, toddlers have little to no fine motor skills and can’t handle a book with enough care to ensure they don’t rip it apart. If you hand your favourite novel to your baby, chances are it will be in shreds within minutes. That’s exactly why picture books for toddlers are designed with cardboard pages and a sturdy binding. The little ones can explore their contents at their own pace without adult supervision. They can – and will – also put these books into their mouths. While there are many picture books of this kind for toddlers up to the age of around two, there are also special photo books you can make yourself. These are made of particularly sturdy and water-resistant materials to ensure the little ones can enjoy them for a long, long time.

Picture books for little children become more and more little the books we ourselves know and love. The paper becomes thinner, but is usually still quote robust. Children up to the ages of five to seven enjoy little pocket books with stories of their favourite cartoons.

Probably up to the age of eleven or twelve, picture books are a very popular choice. Their pages become thinner and thinner and resemble regular book paper more and more.

  1. Topic

Contrary to popular belief, practically any topic at all can be for toddlers as well as adults. It is the way it is presented that really counts. There are even books like “Electro magnetism for babies” which literally explain electro magnetism in such simplicity that you would think a baby understands it with pictures to support the few words used. However, as a rule of thumb, most books for the smaller humans among us will deal with topics and concepts like kindness, animals, fears, or magic. Even at an age where the little ones can barely understand what you say or read to them, the books mostly contain fables and fairy tales aimed at teaching some moral or making the parents laugh. As the children grow, the focus on these morals becomes stronger. The children learn about kindness, compassion, sharing, and so on through the words and pictures in the picture books. Of course, they also learn the words associated to specific items, people, or animals. This is the case up to an age of about ten or eleven. At this point, picture books become less and less about the pictures and the topics diversify greatly.

Giant book fused with a landscape

So what age are picture books for? Well, to put it quite simply, they are typically for children up to the age of around eleven. That’s when the little ones can read and understand books that are mostly text-based on their own and the pictures become less and less important. But before the age of eleven, there are many different types of picture books which makes it less straight-forward to answer the question “what age are picture books for”. However, we hope to have helped you get a good understanding of the different types of picture books for various ages.