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Even better, with a choice of online and offline design, it’s a breeze to create your photobook. Just choose your favorite shots, visit the website with your photobook voucher and start designing!

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MyPhotoBook Specifications Table

Cover Type Hardcover or Softcover
Size A6, A5, A4, A3, or 30×30
Orientation Landscape, Portrait
Price £8 – £300 approx
Shipping costs in the UK £5.99
Shipping time in the UK typically 8-12 working days
Maximum Pages in photobook 250
Design templates 20+ design templates available


This is our review of Myphotobook photo books.


Myphotobook offers users two different options when it comes to creating their products. Their first option is to use the photo products through the website’s online designer. Doing this allows the design to be created in as little as five minutes.

Alternatively, they can download software and carry out the design process on their own device. Myphotobook offers a great range of products too, with an extensive array of photo gifts to pick from.


Customer support is only available via email, with no live chat or telephone helpline.


Myphotobook Photo Book Specifications:

  • Binding – Spiral, Staple, Or Linen and Leather photo books
  • Book paper – Matte or High Gloss


MyPhotoBook ReviewIn today’s digital age more of us than ever before have forgotten the joy of looking through a photo album. Yet, if we leave our precious memories saved in our smartphones’ memories, there’s a chance they could be lost. Not only do you risk the loss of your treasured images, but it’s also difficult to enjoy them. Flicking through photos on a phone screen can’t compare with the joy of poring through a beautiful album.

With this in mind, Myphotobook offers a range of hardback, softback, and leather photo books at truly affordable prices.

About the company

Myphotobook was launched back in 2004. Then it was a small German start-up, but today it has become a leading European photo service. The company’s aim is to give customers high-quality products and to help them preserve their memories. They achieve this goal by offering an extensive range of beautiful photobooks and fun photo gift products that bring customers delight.

Myphotobook Usability

Myphotobook has made it as easy as possible to create your own photobooks by offering two design options. For the speediest and easiest solution, you can use an online designer. Alternatively, you can download the software to your device to use it offline whenever you wish.

Designed for ease of use, both the online editor and the downloadable software are user-friendly. Customers simply choose from the various options on the device of their choice and then upload their favorite images.

The intuitive process is simple to understand and quick to get to grips with making it a great choice for beginners.

Photo Book Design & Editing

The process of designing and editing a Myphotobook photobook is surprisingly simple. To use the online editor, you simply select a binding and format as well as how many pages you want. For some products, you can choose the colour of your cover too.

The next step is to visit the design tool. This offers quick solutions like automatic layouts that allow you to select your theme and then add photos. If you prefer, you can go for a personal option by starting out with an entirely blank photobook. You can then choose your own layout and images, adding in frames, text, clipart, and backgrounds of your choice.

Saving your project is a breeze. Just create your own free Myphotobook account and in seconds you can save your work and return to it later.

MyPhotoBook Themes and Design

MyPhotoBook ReviewYou can choose from Myphotobook’s own choice of 20 different themes for a simple solution. Alternatively, you can choose a blank photobook and add your own text, clipart and more. If you choose the latter option, your only limits are in your imagination!

There are also no less than 80 different font types to choose from too giving you even greater customization.


When adopting an image, there are some simple editing options to pick from. You can rotate your image, make it wider or narrower, or larger or smaller to suit your needs.

There are also options to add text, change the background, and add stickers among others. There are also various colour borders that you can add to your images.

MyPhotoBook Checkout & Delivery

Placing your order couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve completed your project, simply view your cart and confirm you wish to proceed. You’ll need to create an account (or sign in if you’re already registered).

Once you’ve done this, you can enter your photobook voucher code and delivery address.

Finally, you’re all good to pay using Visa or Mastercard, remembering that there’s a shipping fee of £5.99. Your order will be on its way in a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Myphotobook?

Myphotobook is a photo service provider that supplies high-quality photo books.

Is Myphotobook Expensive?

Myphotobook’s photobook products range in price from as little as £7.99 up to around £300.

Can I Get Myphotobook Discounts And Coupon Codes Online?

Yes, you can find a Myphotobook voucher code online.

How Would You Rank Myphotobook Help And Support?

Although Myphotobook has a customer service email address, they have no phone helpline or live chat. That means you have to wait a few days in some cases for a response.


Myphotobook Photo Book Reviews

Many reviews of Myphotobook say that they received high-quality photobooks from this company. However, their average rating is just 2.9 stars. Some customers experienced slow deliveries while others found it difficult to contact the customer support team.

However, many reviewers reported that the site is easy to use and the range of options is very satisfying.

“I love Myphotobook and I have made many albums now. Designing the book was very straightforward and I found it very easy to follow. All pictures were high-focused and glossy. I would suggest this service to anyone who wants a professional print project.”


Myphotobook Photo Book Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Myphotobook, there are a number of other reliable and popular photo services to choose from including well-known names like Snapfish and Jessops.

There are also some less famous photobook companies to choose from that offer a great level of service and high-quality products such as Blurb, Bonusprint, and CEWE.

Whether you’re looking for a hardcover or softcover photo book, any of these alternatives will help you to preserve your memories in the most effective and meaningful way.

Feedback & Conclusion

If you’re looking for a user-friendly photo design service that will make it a breeze to create your perfect photo book for any occasion, you should definitely consider using Myphotobook. This simple-to-understand website offers you two different ways to design your photobook.

You can either opt to download the software on their website to your own device or use their online photo design tool. Both are easy to use and give you plenty of options to customize your images.

With reasonably priced shipping and such a wide variety of customizations, you’ll find Myphotobook a good choice.

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