Printerpix Photo Book Review

Printerpix Photo Book Review UK

Printerpix Photo Book Review UK
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Printerpix Summary

Like many such companies, Printerpix offers photo books in a range of dimensions. However, they go a step ahead! You can get your Printerpix photo book in a super-small 9.5 x 9.5cm pocket size!

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Welcome to our Printerpix Photo Book review!

Printerpix Photobook Specifications Table

Cover Type Hard, Layflat, Leather, Photo Cover, Window, Soft Cover
Size A5 20x15cm, 20x20cm, A4 30x21cm, A4 21x30cm, 27x27cm, 21x15cm, 9.5×9.5cm,
Orientation Landscape, Portrait
Binding Soft bound, Hard bound, Spiral bound
Price From £9.99
Shipping cost in UK From £4.99
Shipping time in UK 8-14 business days
Maximum Pages in photobook 200
Design templates Family, Celebration, Wedding, Travel, Year-In-Review, Child & Baby, Boudoir, Captioned Photo, Moments, Reflect, See It All, Snapshot, Classic, Contemporary, Elegant Love, Modern, Simplicity, Vintage, Focus, Classic Taupe, Collection, Glitter, Mosaics, Jingle Bells, Watercolour, Avant-Garde, Halloween, Princess, Cat, Dog, Panoramic, Floral, Square Photos


  • The intuitive editor that is easy to use
  • Plenty of design options for all tastes
  • Templates for quick and simple book creation
  • Prices to suit all budgets


  • Some of the pre-designed themes feel a little dated
  • Once you’ve begun creating your Printerpix photo book, there is no option to change the cover type

I have always used Printerpix to make personalized calendars using holiday snaps from the summer months. When it came to making a photo book, I was eager to see what the process would be like and the options they had available. I was not disappointed!

Printerpix offers a comprehensive range of photo book dimensions, cover types, and binding options. If you are the type of person who is on the lookout for personalized photo books, then you are in luck. There are various options that you can tinker with until you are satisfied that you have the ideal photo book to make your images pop.Printerpix Photo Book Review

Something I particularly loved about Printerpix is that they offer a different type of binding. You can go for the traditional binding, or you can opt for a spiral binding. This is a set of metal rings that keep the pages of your photo book together. You can also choose between a hardcover or a soft cover.

Soft covers are particularly handy for small children since they do not have the sharp corners that hardcovers do.

If you are eager to try your hand at creating a photo book of your own, then read on to find out what you can put together using the Printerpix platform.

About the Company

Printerpix is a private company that was founded in 2011. It has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida, in the US, and wants to help its customers to make the most of their snaps. Printerpix believes that we can all do more with our photos other than leaving them on a hard drive or putting them in frames.

The company offers a wide variety of consumer products that can be personalized with your photos and always seems to come up with fresh ideas.

Printerpix Photo Book Usability

Printerpix Photo Book ReviewThe Printerpix platform is incredibly easy to use, and once you get started, it will not be long before you are signing off on your first creation. With Printerpix, photo books turn out to look very professional. You will find the main product headings at the top of their homepage.

Just look out for “Photo Books’ and click to look over the options and see which cover type and design appeals to you the most.

Once you click on an option, you will be presented with further pictures that show what you can expect your photobook to eventually look like. There will also be some text to give you a brief but adequate description.

On this page, you can also choose the dimensions and also the cover options available for the chosen design before you begin editing.

There is no option for choosing the texture of the paper on which the pictures are printed.

The different options are offered at different price points, which appear very clearly, and you should not have any surprises when you come to pay. This is great if you are on a budget and do not want to spend over a certain amount.

This is where you will choose your basic elements. You can finetune the other details on the next page.

Photobook Design & Editing

You can spend hours toying with the various options that the Printerpix platform offers. I have certainly spent a lot of time using the editor when making calendars, so I was already familiar with the Printerpix layout. The platform is well-designed, and it will not take the average user very long to get their bearings.

You can begin editing right away and create an account when you are ready to order or save your creation.

It might be better to create an account before you begin editing, so you can quickly save your work if you need to hurry.

You will find it easy to upload your pictures. The speed at which the pictures upload will depend upon the size of the pictures and your internet connection. You can upload individual photos or upload several at once.

The Printerpix platform is normally quite quick at making your photos available for editing, even when you upload in bulk.

Once uploaded, your photos will be available in your gallery. Unfortunately, the platform does not allow uploaded photos to be sorted into folders. So, for example, if you wanted to sort your birthday photos from holiday snaps, it would not be possible.

Also, the Printerpix gallery does not store your photos for long. So if you create a photo book and want to order a duplicate some months later, it may not be possible.

Printerpix Photo Book Themes and Design

Printerpix Photo Book ReviewPrinterpix offers a fantastic variety of design elements, so you can really let your creative side run free to produce something that is totally unique. When you click on the “Photo Books” option at the top of the Printerpix homepage, you will be presented with different types. These include:

  • Family photo books
  • Celebration photo books
  • Wedding photo books
  • Travel photo books
  • Year-in-review photo books
  • Child & Baby photo books
  • Photobook with captions
  • Leather photo books
  • Moments photo books
  • Reflect photo books
  • See it all photo books
  • Snapshot photo books
  • Soft cover photo books
  • Spiral bound photo books
  • You can also create a custom photo book

But that’s not all! The options continue once you click on the photo book that suits your needs. For each different type, you can usually select the type of cover you would like and the dimensions. On this page, the covers you can choose from are normally between hard and layflat.

Unfortunately, Printerpix does not offer any options when it comes to the paper type on which your photos are printed. The paper they use is generally high-quality 200GSM which really makes colours appear vibrant.


The editing platform is intuitive and does not burden the user with a plethora of options that most will not use. Instead, the space is used carefully, and creators are presented with the options that will be most useful. Perhaps Printerpix offers less than other platforms, but most users will be happy with just the tools it does offer.

As with most platforms of this type, it is worth just taking some time to play with the different tools. This will show you what they do, but they may also give you some ideas for how you can make your photo book even better than you imagined.Printerpix Photo Book Review

After uploading your photos, the first thing you will need to do is design your cover. Depending on the cover type you have chosen, you may be able to choose to have a photo printed on your cover. Once you have settled on a cover, you can move on to editing each page to your needs.

Or, you can let Printerpix do all the work for you!

If you upload all your photos before going on to edit the various pages, the Printerpix platform will automatically apply the photos to the different pages for you! The system will place the photos according to orientation with no need for you to do anything!

It really couldn’t be any easier, and this is the perfect option for anyone who is unsure about using the editing tools or just doesn’t have the time to sit and place each photo themselves. If you want to use editing tools, Printerpix offers a rich selection of clip art and borders that you can add.

You can also add text and change the layout and even the theme at this stage. You can also add background patterns, colours or images.

Here you can save your project and return to it later if you need to.

Printerpix Photo Book Checkout & Delivery

Once you are happy with your photo book, all you need to do is add it to the basket. At this stage, the system will ask you to make sure you have checked your photo book for any spelling mistakes that may have made their way into your text.

You will also be reminded to check that all your photos are the right way up and just where you want them. You will be informed if there are any blank pages.

If you are certain that everything is as it should be, just click to confirm you want to add the photo book to the basket. Next, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade the paper to a higher-quality version.

Then, you will be able to enter the number of copies of your photo book you would like to order, saving money with each copy.

You can select up to nine more copies. After that, Printerpix offers you the opportunity to buy their gift cards. These come in a range of denominations and usually offer a saving. For example, you can buy a gift card with a value of £50 for only £25.

This can be a little annoying if you do not want anything other than your photobook. You will finally find yourself looking at your basket and the items you have selected. Here you will be able to enter a promotional code if you have one.

You will also have the opportunity here to make any last-minute changes to your order. For example, if you want to order additional copies or if you want to add any items using photos from your gallery. Such as mugs, jigsaw puzzles, metal prints, and photo tiles.

Printerpix delivers throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas.

I have been impressed with their turnaround and delivery times when I ordered calendars, and the photo books were no different. They took a week to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Printerpix do?

Printerpix is an international company that offers a variety of consumer products that customers can personalise. Among these are photo books and even leather photo books.

Does Printerpix offer value for money?

Considering the quality of their products, Printerpix does offer value for money. Their photo books are made to last, and it has been easy to write this Printerpix photo book review. Printerpix is not only cost-effective but also a time-saver with its automated photo placement process.

Does Printerpix accept promo codes?

If you have a valid promotional code, Printerpix will accept it on their checkout page. It often has seasonal deals and special offers where customers can make significant savings.

Is customer support any good at Printerpix?

I’ve not had to contact their customer support much. Only once. But when I did, I was dealt with courteously, and my query was resolved smoothly. On the design page, there is a live chat tool that usually resolves issues quite quickly.


Printerpix Photobook Reviews

Trustpilot currently ranks Printerpix at 4.1 out of 5. That is quite high, considering that the company has been reviewed by over 30,000 people. Over half of those people have given the company a 5-star review.

Unfortunately, 22 per cent of reviewers have given Printerpix a 1-star rating.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.1 out of 5, Printerpix has room for improvement. Most of the comments seem to be in praise of the quality of their products. Customer frustrations seem to stem from delivery issues.

There are also customers who have had customer service issues and difficulty receiving adequate responses to their emails.

Here is one of the most recent reviews:

I am happy with the help I was given, it was quick, and although I was a bit annoyed about the extra money I had paid for the calendars I had ordered, I acknowledged that it must have been my not reading properly when I created the calendars and by mistake ordered premium paper. I thought I had not chosen it. The support was very good, especially when my second order arrived bent and marked, I was given a replacement straight away. So, thank you.


Printerpix Photobook Alternatives

Printerpix is highly recommended to anyone who wants to do something a little more creative with their photos without needing a lot of technological know-how.

Mypicture often offers special deals, so if you are looking for good value, then you should definitely consider this company.

They do also offer products of outstanding quality. Photobox is also a safe bet for photo books, it does not offer as wide a range of products as Printerpix.

If you are looking for a printing service that will produce photo books that really show off your snaps, then CEWE offers XXL photo books up to 38 x 29cm.

Feedback & Conclusion

Printerpix Photo Book ReviewHaving used Printerpix several times for calendars and now photo books, I am confident in recommending the company in this Printerpix photo book review. I have a few of their photo books now, and they look very handsome with their leather covers.

The colours are vibrant, and the paper quality is very good.

Their platform makes the whole process very simple, which is great because I never have much time.

The automated system means that this is the ideal choice for beginners. Printerpix is an affordable option if you want to give someone a special and thoughtful gift.

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