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What is the easiest photo book to make?

In our series of FAQ articles, we’ve looked at many popular questions about photo books. Often, the answers are quite difficult, as there rarely is “the one best” photo book for any specific need. Today, we’ll be discussing another quite complex question: “What is the easiest photo book to make?” The trouble with this question is that it isn’t clear as to whether it’s about the easiest software to make photo books or the easiest type of photo book to make. As we’ve looked at software quite a lot, for example in this article, we’ll take a look at the different photo book types and how easy they are to make.

  1. Very small formats

There are quite a few formats and sizes out there, each offering their own kind of unique value. By far the easiest photo book type to make is a very small one. A good example is the Prestige photo book by in 21x21cm square format. Due to its size and format, there is typically very little space for extra text or complicated arrangements on the pages. That means that all you need to do is upload your photos, place them in the order you prefer, perhaps make some individual adjustments in terms of cropping and backgrounds, and check your finished product before ordering. This doesn’t mean you can’t add text. As a matter of fact, and all other services offer different layouts with and without text. Typically, a small format like this 21x21cm photo book just looks much better if the photos are the centre of attention. This type of photo book is great for family and travel pictures or as thank-you gifts for your wedding guests.

  1. Baby photo books

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There are many reasons why baby photo books are among the easiest to make. First, you have tons of photos to use, so it’s easy to fill. Second, you’re very likely to turn down the option to add text or make graphic adjustments to the pictures, because you will want to showcase the newest addition to your family as prominently as possible. Baby photos simply have that magic about them that makes you want to use them as they are. Third, even if you want to use every possible feature available, there are so many templates and ideas to choose from and you will be so passionate about your project, that it will be very easy to finish your project.

  1. Family photo books

While there is usually a timeline that structures a family photo book, it is still relatively easy to put together. For many, a family photo book is a collection of pictures from one particular year or a best-of selection over many years. The former is a little more effort than the latter, as a yearbook works best with descriptions and little anecdotes about everyday life.

  1. Wedding photo books

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A wedding is such a special occasion. Ideally, you will only have one in your life. All the more important to get it right! That’s why the creation of a wedding photo book can be among the most difficult. There are typically a lot of photos to choose from (and it’s a tough choice!) and a lot of care is taken to put them in a good order, choose a suitable format and styling (collages, full-sized images, etc.) and insert inspiring and loving quotes, descriptions, and perhaps the vows or similarly touching memories.

  1. Travel

Travel photo books tend to tell a story – in pictures and words. Choosing just the right images and putting together the story of your trip can be quite a challenge. Just like with family photo books, the timeline is important, which means that in most cases, there will be a lot so sorting and rearranging involved to get things just the way you’d like to have them. Plus, we often take our time to sit down and put together our photo books so some of your memories may not be as clear as they may have been just after the trip.

A table with family photos and a photo book


As usual, there is no easy answer to the question “What is the easiest photo book to make?” It all depends on your personal preferences and the level of details you are going for. However, we hope the above top 5 will help you get started. Enjoy your photo books!

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