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Can I order prints from iPhoto?

For those who don’t know, iPhoto was a photo manipulation app. You could use it to organise your pictures and edit them as well. The thing is that in October 2019, Apple’s operating system was updated and that rendered iPhotos unusable. In summary, the service was discontinued. To be exact, that means that the simple answer to the question “Can I order prints from iPhoto?” is no. However, the service was replaced by Apple’s new Photos app. Photos automatically replaces iPhoto when you update your system software. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a Mac, the options are the same. Let’s have a look:

How it works

Apple Photos is a very easy to use app that helps you store, organise, and edit your photos. It is also much faster than iPhoto and thus removes the annoying wait for loading and organising things. It also has a cloud feature for iCloud so you can access your photos at any time from any place. What’s most interesting for this article in particular is the Projects feature. At the top of the Photos app, you’ll find a tab labelled Projects. This is where you can turn your photos into photo books or order prints. There are lots of different options at your disposal, so it is definitely worth a try to go and test the app and find the right project for you. As your photos and albums can be imported automatically, there isn’t much you need to know before using the app.

Editing photos

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If you’re looking to order prints, there may come a time when you’d like to make some changes to photos before sending them off to be professionally printed. Photos makes this not only possible but also incredibly easy. There are many different enhancement features, filters, and adjustments. What’s really interesting, though, is the intelligence hidden within this app. If you choose to crop an image of a beach, for example, the app can automatically apply the ideal changes, such as aligning the horizon to the image. All you need to do is click one button and the app works its magic for you. The same applies to filters and enhancements. Of course you can edit things manually to your liking, but there are smart sliders available to assist you and make the job as easy as possible.

The synchronisation between your Mac and portable devices is also very fast. You can use any device to edit pictures and the changes appear on all devices almost instantly – provided you are connected to the Internet, of course.

Ordering prints

Ordering prints is very easy as well. As you need an extension to actually order your prints directly from Photos, you may have to install one of the available extensions first, but this is done quickly. Simply get the extension from the App Store and get started. All you need to do is choose the photos you would like to have printed and click on File -> Create -> and choose your installed extension. If you’d like an overview of your options, have a look at this article right here. You will be redirected to the respective printing service and can choose the options Prints right there and then.

Can I order prints from iPhoto?

Apple Photos has replaced both iPhoto and Aperture

Although iPhoto is discontinued and the Apple printing service also no longer exists, you can still order prints using the Photos app. All you need is an extension and you’re good to go. The Photos app is a powerful tool, especially for beginners without extensive knowledge of manual photo editing. Have a go and see what you can do – it’s easy and fast!

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