How much is a photo book?

A price comparison of photo book prices

The question “How much is a photo book” is a loaded one. In this post, we’ll try to help you find something close to an answer. We will be comparing some of the most popular photo book brands and show you their prices. It is important to remember, though, that price is in fact not everything! Although it is not a rule, a lower price can have a negative effect on the quality of the result. Conversely, a high price does not necessarily equal high quality! The amount of choice out there is tremendous. It’s always worth having a look around and get to know the product before making a decision. To help you along, we have a post about the five best photo book apps in the UK that you might find useful.

As for this post, we’ll focus on the monetary perspective. We will also focus on five of the brands that are available in the UK to keep it simple. In the following table, we give you a quick overview of the price range of nine different brands. For a more in-depth look, check out the detailled info below that will also explain the types of photo books you get. Size matters when it comes to photo books and their prices! As mentioned, our detailed price overviews will focus on the first five brands in our list:

Photo book prices – an overview



Photobook Deals UK

CEWE £5.99 – £53.99 Discover deals
ASDA £6.00 – £58.00 Discover deals
Bonusprint £6.99 – £44.99 Discover deals
Jessops £7.50 – £24.99 Discover deals
Myphotobook £7.99 – £82.99 Discover deals
Photobox £12.99 – £99.99 Discover deals
Vistaprint £7.99 – £37.99 Discover deals £6.00 – £28.00 Discover deals
smartphoto £9.99 – £74.99 Discover deals

All brands will charge extra for additional pages. Of course there are also add-ons like a glossy finish that will make the price go up. The price ranges above really represent how many options there are for creating photo books. As a reference, CEWE’s “Small Photo Book” is 13x14cm and lets you print 26 pages for £5.99. The most expensive in our comparison at £99.99 is Photobox’s “Square Premium Hardcover Photo Book” which comes with all sorts of extras with 90 pages in 30x30cm format.

But let’s take a closer look at the options available to you. We can’t go into all the details of the pros and cons of each type. But we will try to give you a good overview. Please note that all prices listed here are as of August 2019, so they may be subject to changes by the vendors.

CEWE photo book prices

CEWE photoworld logo and slogan





Price from

Large Landscape Soft (Hard available) 26 (up to 178) 28×21 cm £19.99
Large Portrait Soft (Hard available)* 26 (up to 154) 21×28 cm £18.99
XL Square Hardcover 26 (up to 154) 30×30 cm £38.99
XXL Landscape Hardcover 26 (up to 154) 38×29 cm £53.99
Square Soft (Hard available)* 26 (up to 98) 21×21 cm £14.99
Small Landscape Soft (Hard available)* 26 (up to 74) 19×15 cm £12.99
XXL Portrait Hardcover 26 (up to 154) 28×36 cm £49.99
Small Booklet* 26 (up to 50) 14×13 cm £5.99

* These photo books have the booklet option, which is a less expensive binding than the price listed on the right. However, it is only possible to create the booklet option using the offline software (which you can download for free).

ASDA photo book prices






Price from

Full Photo Hardcover 22 8×6 in £12.00
Full Photo Hardcover 22 8×8 in £20.00
Full Photo Hardcover 22 8×11 in £25.00
Full Photo Hardcover 22 11×8 in £25.00
Full Photo Hardcover 22 12×12 in £36.00
Full Photo Hardcover 22 14×10 in £50.00
Full Photo Ringbound 21 6×4 in £6.00
Full Photo Hardcover layflat 26 8×6 in £20.00
Full Photo Hardcover layflat 26 8×8 in £26.00
Full Photo Hardcover layflat 26 8×11 in £32.00
Full Photo Softcover 22 8×6 in £9.00
Full Photo Softcover 22 8×8 in £13.00
Full Photo Softcover 22 8×11 in £16.00
Full Photo Softcover 22 11×8 in £16.00

This list was a little more difficult, as ASDA doesn’t currently sort their photo book strictly by type. They don’t mention the maximum number of pages for each photo book. Extra pages cost from 90p to £1.60 per page depending on the book and if you choose glossy paper. There’s also some collage options available which don’t affect the prices above.


Bonusprint Logo

Type Binding* Pages Size Price from
Square XL Linen 24 (up to 120) 30×30 cm £34.99
Square L Linen 24 (up to 120) 21×21 cm £24.99
Square M Linen 24 (up to 120) 14×14 cm £15.99
Square S “regular cover” 24 (up to 120) 10×10 cm £6.99
Landscape XL Linen 24 (up to 120) 38.8×29.1 cm £44.99
Landscape L Linen 24 (up to 120) 28×21 cm £24.99
Landscape M Linen 24 (up to 120) 20×15 cm £15.99
Landscape S Linen 24 (up to 120) 13.3×10 cm £9.99
Portrait XL Linen 24 (up to 120) 27×36 cm £44.99
Portrait L Linen 24 (up to 120) 21×28 cm £24.99
Portrait M Linen 24 (up to 120) 15×20 cm £15.99

* Beside the linen cover, there are photo and leather cover options available, which will raise the overall price.

Bonusprint has lots of extras you can add. Other than many of the other services, Bonusprint charges extra for a photo cover. Layflat and high gloss options also add to the overall price.


Myphotobook Logo





Price from

Hard Cover Hardcover 20 (up to 150) 8×6 in (6 sizes up to 15×11.5 in) £19.99
Mini Standard 24 (up to 120) 4×4 in (3 sizes up to 6×4 in) £7.50
Premium Layflat Layflat Hardcover 24 (up to 120) 8×8 in (5 sizes up to A3) £29.99
Soft Cover Softcover 24 (up to 120) 6×6 in (6 sizes up to ttx8 in) £14.99
Soft Touch Matte Hard Cover Padded hardcover 24 (up to 120) 8×6 in (5 sizes up to 12×12 in) £24.99

Size, paper type, and the cover you choose are the key elements contributing to the final price. Additional pages cost more depending on the format of your book.


Phtoobox Logo





Price from

A4 photobooks Hardcover 26 (up to 160) A4 £34.99
A3 photobooks Hardcover 26 (up to 160) A3 £49.99
Quick & easy Hardcover 24 13.7×13.7 cm £14.99
Layflat* Hardcover layflat 26 (up to 90) A4 £44.99
Pro Layflat Premium Hardcover 90 (up to 120) A4 £59.99
Square Expess book Hardcover 20 (up to 70) 22×22 cm £19.99
Photo Journal Stapled 40 21.9×21.9 cm £12.99
Square Premium – Premium Hardcover Premium Hardcover 90 (up to 120) 30×30 cm £99.99

* Swarovski Crystal Deluxe edition with crystals on the cover.

Photobox is very clear about its pricing and the available options. As a matter of fact, the A4 photobooks, for example, come with various cover options like cutouts in shapes like a heart or the current year.


A picture of an open photo book with a landscape

At the end of the day, the answer to the question “How much is a photo book” is highly dependent on what you’re looking for. Size, style, and extras can quickly change the initial mega deal into a regularly priced product. There are lots and lots of options and photo book prices are only one factor for success. If the memories you’re looking to preserve in the photo book are extra special, it might be worth digging a little deeper into your pockets.

So although it is possible, you don’t have to spend over £100 on a photo book. You can get excellent photo book prices for really high quality products. You can also pay very little and get something small and special that would make a fantastic gift. In any case, Photobook Deals is here to make sure you get the very best price with up to date deals and offers for your photo book needs!

LALALAB app review

Find out all about creating photo books with LALALAB

Recently, we’ve had a look at the top 5 photo book apps in the UK. In this LALALAB app review, we’d like to dig a little deeper. We present you with a more detailed impression of this lovely app, specifically of its photo book functionality.


Screenshot of the app LALALAB showing the colours available for adding backgrounds to a photo book

With over 1 million downloads and a 4.7-star rating (as of August 19), this app knows how to impress. Apart from photo books, you can use your photos for gifts, magnets, postcards, and prints in various formats.

There are three photo books available, differing in their formats (square and landscape) and sizes (14×14, 28×21, and 21×21 cm). The photo books offer between 24 and 80 pages for your photos. The app is quickly downloaded and incredibly easy to use. Tapping on a photo book gives you more insight into the ideal use, paper weight and the finish of both the cover and pages. High-quality pictures show you what the photo book will look like once it’s delivered.

When it comes designing, you can access your photos on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or Dropbox. As long as you’re logged into the respective account, you only need to grant the app access the account. As your photos are grouped in their folders, it’s easy to find the ones you want to use. When you choose a folder, you can select all images or tap individual ones until you’re happy. The app marks images with an insufficient resolution yellow so you can replace them for a better quality in the end.


Screenshots of before and after photo editing in the LALALAB app

We paid special attention to the design and editing process in making this LALALAB app review, as it is probably the most important aspect of a photo book app. When you click on Next, you can choose to place your photos in chronological  or selected order. Of course, you can change the order afterwards. You can also add text and edit photos with effects or crop them. There are some basic filters you can choose from and you can adapt the focus as well as some basic other elements. You can choose a full-scale cover picture or a set of tiles (varying between 4 and 9, depending on the book chosen). When you add text, your autocorrect will not work. So pay attention to typos and make sure to have a look at every single page before checkout. It would be a shame to cringe every time you look at your creation because of a typo, wouldn’t it?


One thing to consider is that the app places your cover pictures in square format. This means that it may cut off portrait images, so you’re better off replacing or repositioning them using the Crop function. It is easy enough to use and quickly done. Just like with any photo book, reviewing each page and image is time well spent for a great result! If you want to replace the cover picture, it is a bit of a drag, as the app won’t let you choose from the selected images, but opens up the gallery for you to choose a picture. With a bit of patience, you can also shuffle until the desired picture comes up.
When it comes to the checkout process, you can create an independent account or use Facebook or Google to quickly create one. The checkout process is quick and painless. You can use PayPal, a credit card or an online bank transfer and receive your order within 3 to 4 business days.

Screenshot of the app LALALAB at checkout


What we liked almost as much as the easy-to-use interface was the fun and friendly messaging the app uses. Instead of dry and standardised texts, the app uses appealing language. Most customers are over the moon about the easy-to-use app and the comparatively low prices. It is good value for money and although it can’t compare with Amazon delivery times, 3-4 business days is still considered within a good range.
In the process of putting together this LALALAB app review, we found that this app is definitely worth a try. Although the delivery times are more or less “standard”, LALALAB makes up for it with fair prices and good quality photo books!

Download LALALAB for Android           Download LALALAB for iOS

FreePrints Photobooks app review

A free photo book every month: Freeprints photo books review

Too good to be true?

Typically, when you’re offered something „for free“ nowadays, the mind speed dials suspicion. After all, it’s all about the money, right?

Is free prints really free?

Of course, these photo books are not technically free as you will have to pay packaging and shipping and you’re limited to one free photo book per month (which is fair enough, right?).

After all, they also have to make money somehow, right? It is a very good service, though, that has a lot of positive things to offer.

In this Free Prints UK app review, we’d like to give you some insight into the features and usability of the app that made our five best photo book apps in the UK article.

Freeprints Usability

Of course, free prints photo books are free to download and installed within seconds (provided you have an acceptable internet connection).

You can freely choose to let the app tap into your media or connect to various social media or online storage accounts.

You can always go back and add another account to pick your photos from.

The first thing you’re asked to do is choose 20 pictures – the minimum for creating a photo book.

You can choose more right away or expand your selection afterwards. All the icons – such as colouring or adding and deleting pages, are explained at the very beginning.

This makes it really easy to find your way around the app and put your photo book together.

Design & editing

For our FreePrints Photobooks app review, we’ve taken a closer look at the whole process of creating a personalised photo book: After you’ve picked your photos, they are automatically placed on the pages either chronologically or in the order you chose them.

Of course, sometimes you will want to have more than one photo per page. It’s really easy to create collages and place photos together on a page: Just tap a page long enough and move it onto another page.

You can do this multiple times, but not infinitely. Up to six photos fit onto a page and every time you add one, the layout changes, so you can get some really nice collages from it.

You can also combine collages (for example by dragging a page with two photos onto a page with four photos) as long as the result isn’t more than six photos on one page.

Dragging also allows you to rearrange the order of the pages.


Screenshot of the photo book design options available in the FreePrints Photobooks app

In the spirit of good taste and simplicity, FreePrint Photobooks lets you choose a theme, pattern, or colour to beautify the pages of your photo book with backgrounds.

This is where individuality finds its limits. You can apply a theme or colour to the whole book but not choose it for each page individually.

There are some really nice backgrounds to choose from, but the fact that you can’t remove individual page designs is a little limiting.

Page design

You can resize and adapt each photo by tapping on it. You do get a little warning triangle when the resolution of a photo is not good enough before or after resizing.

Of course, you can also add text. Not to each photo in a collage but to the page overall.

There is no spellcheck available, so make sure to double-check before checking out!


Screenshot of some of the available shapes for photos in the FreePrints Photobooks app

When you’re adapting one image, you have some basic editing options (turn, mirror and B/W filter).

For more creative filters, you’re best off doing so with a different app. Luckily, your photo book is saved automatically, so you can always go back to your photos and apply all those wonderful filters without losing your progress in the app. A nice feature is “shapes”.

This allows you to have your photo cropped into a heart, for example. It’s only available for whole-page photos, though.

How does free prints make money? make money on an extra ordered photo book pages if exceeds 20 pages as well on shipping expenses.

Checkout & delivery

When it comes to ordering, the app is pretty straight-forward. Create an account or link the app with Facebook or Google.

At this point, you have lots of options in terms of upgrades. Options such as additional pages, a matte finish, lay-flat binding, glossy pages, or a gift box cost extra (no surprise there).

Whether you choose extra options or not, the only thing you pay for is delivery. The delivery takes at least a week, which is one of the weaker points for FreePrints Photobooks.

This is where it shows that while you’re technically only paying for delivery, this is where they save some money. In fairness, it’s better to save money here than in the printing quality, right?

For £5,99 delivery charge and overall price, it’s a good offer. You can choose first-class delivery, but there’s not a whole lot of time saved.

Screenshot of basket in the FreePrints Photobooks app showing prices for add-ons, additional pages, and delivery charges

Feedback & conclusion

The app is very easy to use and offers a very fair price for a good quality photo book.

Once a month, you can order a 7×5 photo book for £5,99 delivery charge, provided you stick to the 20 pages limit and don’t add any extra options such as lay-flat pages.

The most important aspect for most customers is the quality and this really is where this app does not disappoint. Sure, there are additional charges and free is only ever so rarely really free.

The result is very nice and getting there is very easy. With an impressive rating of 4.9 and over 1 million downloads (as of August 2019), FreePrints Photobooks really is one of the most popular photo book apps in the UK. So there you have it.

We hope you enjoyed our FreePrints Photobooks app review and have all the inspiration you need to get started on your photo book!

Download FreePrints Photobooks for Android           Download FreePrints Photobooks for iOS

CEWE photoworld photobook app review

Here’s our CEWE app review for your photo book needs

Known and loved by many, CEWE Photoworld is a high-quality service for many photo products, including photo books.

It also ranks among the top 5 photo book apps in the UK in our recent article, not least because of its popularity.

The quality of CEWE photo books really is what makes them stand out from many other services out there.

As one of the larger photo services in the UK, CEWE doesn’t only offer photo books, but also many other photo products.

In this review, we’ll take a look at CEWE photoworld app specifically regarding photo books, to give you a better understanding of how it works and what it offers.

CEWE ease of use

Page view of the CEWE photoworld app designing a photo book with pictures of elephants

Of course, the app is free to download and quick to install. It guides you through an intuitive step-by-step selection process, from size to paper and cover type.

The fundamental choices made, you are presented with a list of sources for your photos. Beside the storage space on your smartphone, you can connect to cloud storage spaces such as Dropbox or Google Photos and even a network share.

Other than some photo book apps, CEWE doesn’t connect to social media platforms, but you are able to use your Facebook or Instagram pictures by downloading them onto your device – if they aren’t there already.

The choice you make here is just a first selection. You can always go back and pick some more photos to fill your book.

The next step takes you to choosing a title for your creation, followed by a range of designs. There’s something for every taste and occasion, and also a plain white or black design.

You’re free to adapt backgrounds to individual pages or the whole book later on to create your very own design.

Editing with CEWE Photoworld

Photo editing in the CEWE photoworld app with a before and after preview

For our CEWE photoworld app review, we’ve also looked at how it does in terms of improving your photos.

In terms of decorating and putting together the photo book, CEWE has a really impressive range of functions to offer.

You are able to create collages with many photos on one page and you can always freely add text in various fonts, formats, and sizes.

The range of layouts is quite extensive, although you may have to remove a preset filter before you’re able to see them.

If by now your creative senses aren’t tingling, they will certainly do so when you see the effects CEWE offers.

You can apply optimisations and change the most important values such as brightness, gamma, contrast and saturation here.

With a little patience and trial and error, you can compose a true work of art or simply make the very most of your favourite photos.

CEWE ordering & delivery

Screenshot of two photo books in the cart of the CEWE photoworld app

Any low resolution images, empty placeholders and the like will be listed in the “Project Check” that shows up when you proceed to place your photo book in the cart.

Clicking on the error message directs you to a page edit link so you can quickly go and fix the issue in question.

You can also ignore errors and move on to your basket, where you have the option to add more photo products as well.

You will see a subtotal before you’re asked to log in or register. It’s a quick and easy enough process, although you can’t use your stored addresses so you will have to type everything in manually.

As is often the case, you may want to send the photo book to someone else as a gift, regardless of the billing address.

This is no problem at all and the app makes this process just as easy as navigating through the creation of your photo book.

Standard delivery is the only option available and at £4.25 about average in price.


The result is a high-quality photo book and customers are very happy with what CEWE offers.

While generally, the app’s performance is quite good, it is important to make deliberate choices in the beginning, as you can’t go back to change individual details without losing the progress you made before.

Even small changes that would not affect your design such as the paper quality are not possible at a later point in time. Choose wisely and you will be happy with the result.

Feedback & conclusion

Screenshot of Google Play showing the rating and some app screenshots

With a 4.4 star rating (as of August ’19), CEWE deserves its place in the top 5 photo book apps in the UK.

While the price may not be as competitive as some of the other options we’ve presented, the quality of the product does give it an edge that makes CEWE worth a try.

If you’re unsure, you can test the app and the photo book quality with one of the small options, which happen to be excellent gift ideas for friends and family alike.

But most of all: Have fun creating a beautiful book with your unique photos! So there you have it: Our CEWE photoworld app review. You can download it for Android or iOS here:

Download CEWE photoworld for Android           Download CEWE photoworld for iOS

A review of the Snapfish app for photo books

A deep-dive review of the photo book app that helps you tell your story

Among our top 5 photo book apps for the UK, Snapfish has lots of great features to offer and has inspired over 1 million downloads already. It ranks well in the middle of those apps with its competitive advantage of great offers and an impressive range of layouts. In this Snapfish app review, we’d like to offer you a deep-dive look at this app and help you understand the pros and cons for designing your very own photo books with Snapfish.


Woman tapping her iPhone on a white table with an apple in the background

As with all photo book apps, an easy-to-use interface is one of the key elements that makes Snapfish so successful and popular. The app is free and easy to download and start up. Besides photo books, Snapfish offers prints in various formats and sizes, posters and canvasses, as well as some nice novelty items like photo ornaments and gifts.
There are six photo books to choose from, none costing more than £29,99. You have hardcover, softcover, and papercover versions in three different sizes to choose from. Once you choose your book, you can import your photos from your phone, Google Photos, Instagram, or Facebook. The more photos there are to load, the longer it may take for the app to process them so you can get started. Once they’re available, you can always go back to choosing photos at a later point in time and it won’t have to reload all the photos again.


A bird edited to have a tiger head on a twig

The chosen photos are initially placed on one page each. Of course, you can also create collages. To do so, you only have to tap on a page and chose the option at the bottom “Layouts”. You’re immediately offered a wide range of layouts, from full-page photos to collages and also text-based layouts for anecdotes, descriptions, and longer stories. The range of layouts is quite impressive and gives you extensive creative freedom; a big plus for a photo book app.
Once you’re happy with your result, be sure to check every page again. As with most apps, there’s no going back to the drawing board once you’ve placed your order. When you click on “continue” to proceed to the ordering process, the app runs a check over your photos. If there are any issues regarding the resolution of any of your photos, you will be alerted so you can make changes before you place an order. You can ignore it or go back to editing. It’s best to heed the warning. Pixelated photos can really ruin the result of your hard work.

Ordering & delivery

Close-up of a keyboard with a shopping cart on the Enter key

Placing your order is a piece of cake and you can choose a matt laminate cover as a premium option before entering your details. You can choose Standard or Tracked delivery, although both take around 5 business days at least. This places Snapfish along with most other photo book apps in terms of delivery times.

Feedback & conclusion

Generally, creating your photo book is very easy with Snapfish. The app convinces its customers with a beginner-friendly user interface and an extremely wide range of layouts. Customers love the quality and very friendly service. At times, the app can be a little slow, especially if it has to ‘fish’ through a smartphone packed with a lot of photos. A big plus for Snapfish is the very fair price they put on a good quality product that you can still improve with many deals and special offers. Another reason to choose Snapfish for your photo book needs is the creative freedom you have to design a product that is truly yours. After all, that’s what a photo book is truly about.

Download Snapfish for Android           Download Snapfish for iOS

5 best photo book apps in the UK

An insight into the UK’s five best photo book apps in the UK

In this article, we’d like to help you get an overview of the five best photo book apps in the UK, for Android and iOS.

Every day, about 1.05 billion photos are taken. That’s about 12 pictures per second. Even though modern SLR cameras and compact cameras are becoming more affordable and easy to use, fewer and fewer people choose to opt for a proper camera for taking those photos.

With smartphone cameras becoming consistently more sophisticated, many don’t feel the need for a camera.

Not to mention the fact that they want to have their shots available for editing, sharing, and otherwise processing them right away.

No more need for transferring them to a PC or other storage device. This also shows in sales for regular cameras going down 40%.

Although Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are popular places for sharing those special memories, for many, a traditional, real-life photo book is still the preferred way of reliving them at home or turning them into a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Also here, the smartphone offers the comfort of a one-stop shop. There are countless photo books apps out there that let you use your smartphone gallery, social media, as well as online storage spaces to create and order photo books comfortably from your sofa or on the go.

To help you find the perfect app for your photo book, we’ve compiled a list of the best photo book apps in the UK.

1. FreePrints app

Screenshots of the page design in FreePrints Photobooks

Many would react to “a free photo book each month” with a healthy amount of suspicion, but with FreePrints Photobooks, you have a prime deal on your hands.

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Yes, you pay delivery costs (£5,99) and you don’t have much choice regarding the type of photo book you get for free (7×5), but the result is good quality.

The app itself is very easy to use and offers a nice range of design features, including different background themes for every taste.

Over 1 million downloads and an impressive rating of 4.9 (July 19) give you a good impression of what to expect.

Almost all negative feedback revolves around a rather slow delivery time and that although the photo book is, in fact, free, delivery is charged.

In sum, if you don’t need your photo book urgently, FreePrints Photobooks is a great service for a good-quality photo book that is – almost – completely free of charge. A great deal and thus one of the best photo book apps in the UK!

To Google Play           To the Play Store

2. LALALAB app

Overview of pages of a photo book in progress with the LALALAB app

Lalalab app in the UK is very popular with over 1 million downloads and its 4.7-star rating really speaks for itself.

The best thing about this app is definitely its incredibly user-friendly interface. LALALAB makes creating photo books fun and hassle-free.

As with most apps and services out there, customers are most critical when it comes to delivery times, but the overall opinion is extremely positive and fair prices as well as good quality really do make up for waiting a couple of days for the fruits of your labour.

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LALALAB is definitely worth a try and while you’re there, have a look at the great other photo products they have to offer (photo magnets, for example). All this and more makes LALALAB one of the best photo book apps in the UK!

To Google Play           To the Play Store

3. Snapfish app

Individual page design of a holiday photo book in the Snapfish app with a photo and text layout

Also boasting over 1 million downloads, this app offers many photo products beside photo books. Customers love the huge amount of layouts Snapfish offers.

While this may sound trivial, layouts are the key to success if you want a photo book that is actually, truly your very own. As with most photo book apps, delivery isn’t Snapfish’s strong suit, but it certainly isn’t its weak point.

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Customers are happy with the quality of their orders and the support and service Snapfish offers. Lots of deals and special offers are your key to trying out this app for your next photo book project!

To Google Play           To the Play Store

4. CEWE Photoworld

Photo editing and filter options in the CEWE photo book app

CEWE writes quality with a capital letter Q. Customers love their photo books and although the app has some kinks that could be improved, over 1 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating prove that the pros outweigh the cons by far.

As long as you know what you want and spend some time on the creation of your photo book, you will be over the moon with the result.

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The CEWE app guides you through every step of the process with an intuitive user interface and has a great range of photo editing options to offer. With this top UK photo book app, you can create a truly individualised photo book for yourself or as a gift!

To Google Play           To the Play Store

5. Photobox

Photobox app - design of pages with colourful backgrounds on an A4 landscape photo book

While all other apps are available on both Android and iOS, Photobox currently only has an app available for iPhone and iPad. While this is a real shame for Android users, iOS users are in for a treat.

Creating a photo book with this app is easy and fun thanks to an intuitive user interface that lets you personalise every page to your heart’s content.

Import your photos from your device, social media, or cloud storage spaces and resize them to highlight the best part of each picture.

In terms of value for money, the app – or rather the product – places very well in the market and their satisfaction guarantee really is reflected by their customers’ opinions. Although a 4.6 star rating should place Photobox higher in our top 5, being iOS exclusive is a real shame. Still, it’s one of the best photo book apps in the UK.

To the Play Store

Black and white photo of a photo book with glasses

There you have it – the five best photo book apps in the UK. Of course, there are plenty more apps out there, all with great and unique products and services.

The choice is all yours. Make the most of it and find the very best app for your photo book needs by trying them out! Enjoy!